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Tiger mosquito

The asian tiger mosquito can easily be can be identified by its strong black and white stripes on its body and legs. Its wings are clearly black, without stains on it. Its fligh seems uncertain and it’s very easy to kill even when flying. Most of the times its byte is not dangerous, even it can carry several diseases like the dengue and chikungunya. When the tiger mosquito is installed in your garden, you have to learn to live with it !
This site contains everything you have to know about the tiger mosquito : tests and methods to prevent from it, its hidden places and life habbits, its origins and reproduction mode, its eggs. You’ll also find a map of the tiger mosquito in the world, in France, in the United States, Africa. Here you’ll find news on the tiger mosquito, some pictures of the mosquito and its byte.

Tiger mosquito length

The tiger mosquito generally measures less than a centimeter. Some are smaller than classical mosquitoes (2mm long) and some are bigger (up to 8 mm). You can consult the pictures (using the upper menu) to ensure that the insect you saw is a tiger mosquito.

Tiger mosquito diseases

The tiger mosquito can carry several virus that cause dengue and chikungunya. To be able to transmit the virus, the mosquito needs to bite someone infected first. So if you need to travel into a “contamined zone”, please be carefull and use repellent, and follow the advices of this site.

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In France, the tiger mosquito (called moustique tigre, also called Aedes Albopictus(or dengue mosquito or chikungunya mosquito), has firstly been observed, in 2004, near the city of Nice.
Since that time, its spreading quickly in many places, more or less far from the sea.
The tiger mosquito is responsible for the transmission of 2 major diseases in the world : The dengue and the chikungunya.