Asian tiger mosquito detected in california this summer 2013

The asian tiger mosquito is present in California. It was first detected in the Central Valley communities of Madera and Clovis in June, and were detected again this week in the city of Fresno and in Menlo Park in August.

This mosquito bytes during the day, and can transmit several deseases like dengue or chikungunya, or the yellow fever. These deseases can kill. For now, the 200 cases of dengue detected since 2010 were imported cases (desease contracted in another country). But is one asian tiger mosquito bytes an infected person, it can carry and transmit the desease. Imagine if it occurs in California. “The nightmare scenarios is it gets established in California and then a mosquito bites someone with an imported case of dengue,” Phillips said.
The asian tiger mosquito is also present in Arizona and Texas.

“If it gets away it will change the way we live in California. You may not be able to sit on your patio and enjoy a cup of coffee during the day without getting bit,” said Tim Phillips of the Fresno Mosquito and Vector Control District.

In the places where this mosquito has established, you have to change the way you live.

If you want to prevent against the tiger mosquito, read the following pages :

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