Brazil soccer world cup 2014 and dengue epidemic disease

500000 people within 12 cities

Soccer world cup 2014 will occur in 12 Brazilian cities, since june 12th to july 13th. It’s estimated that about 500000 people will assist. Those people will obiously come from Brazil, but also from other countries of other continents, like United States, Europe, Asia and Australia.

An uninvited guest

Many people would like to assist to this world cup in 2014, but there’s a guest that will assist to each match. Not that he know the schedule, nore that it has a lot of money… This gest is the asian tiger mosquito !. Indeed, this mosquito has installed in Brazil a long time ago, and spreads each summer. But the problem is that this mosquito can carry the chikungunya disease, and this period is the epidemic best period for the dengue. Scientists tell this epidemic will be maximum for 3 of the 12 world cup cities : Salvador, Natal et Fortaleza. This means that there a mots chances that in june an july 2014, the dengue epidemic will be there, and will be able to spread and contaminate people.
The dengue fever symptoms include most times : fever, headache, muscle and joint pains, and can cause to death in 20% of time if nothing is done, and 1% if it’s correctly healed.

Protect yourself

If you plan to go to Brazil in 2014, to see one or more matches, you’ll have to protect against asian tiger mosquito. Please remember also that the asian tiger mosquito is also present in other countries (see asian tiger world map at the same time, so it can carry the disease and spread allover the world. So be carefull !

identify asian tiger mosquito
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