Chikungunya coming soon to United States ?

Chikungunya virus is spreading in the “Antilles” indecember/january

During the last days of december and first day of janvier 2014, the chikungunya virus is spreading in the “antilles”. It’s now confirmed in Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyane, after it had infected Saint Martin in décembre (with two dead people). One case is waiting for confirmation at Saint-Barthélemy. The virus origin seems to be asiatic, and is different from the one that had spread in “La Réunion” in 2005 et 2006. A large spread is possible in the Etats Unis, said specialists.

Spread in the United States ?

“The situation is potentially explosive”, said Pr Xavier de Lamballerie to the AFP (Agence France Press). “There is an extremly high risk that this chikungunya virus spread in the United States and some other countries of South America”. Indeed, a mosquito called “Aedes Aegypti” is endemic from those regions and can carry this virus.

The outbreak represents the first known indigenous transmission of chikungunya fever in the Americas. The ECDC said that the outbreak underscores the recommendations it made earlier this month, urging health providers to heighten their vigilance against the disease, especially with increased travel during the holidays.

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