First local dengue case in France

Yesterday, thursday, augut 21st, the regional health agency confirmed the first autochtone dengue case in France this year, in the Var department.

It is for now an isolated case, and the contamined person visited his doctor, who confirmed that there’s nothing to worry about his health.

An autochtone case means that the person has contracted the virus on national territory and has not traveled in a contamined zone (in another country) during the 15 pervious days.

Dengue, like chikungunya, is a desease due to a virus that can be transmitted by the tiger mosquito bite.

The Var department has officially been promoted to level 2 of anti dissemination plan for dengue and chikungunya. This means that demoustication actions have been planed all around the residence zone of this contamined person.

As a reminder, two cases of dengue autochtone cases had been confirmed in 2010 in France, and also 2 chikungunya autochtone cases.

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