Would chikungunya drive the luxury tourists away ?

At the Taina marina, yacht charter high season was shortened to eight weeks because of the chikungunya epidemic, which has driven international clients in November of businessmen and multinational employers. “The mega yacht Noble House, which rents 250,000 dollars a week, was used only four weeks since August, the Tuamotu and Bora Bora, in his first season in Tahiti, says Etienne Boutin, manager the company Tahiti Ocean. And again, this is because the contracts were signed before the explosion of the epidemic. Since then, we have more requests. ”
Yet this boat 52 meters generally good press from foreign rich. It will soon be leaving the dock it is not certain that it will retry the Polynesian experience, then it is highly demanded in Fiji.
On Douce France, it’s even worse. This boat is one of the largest luxury sailing catamarans in the world. It measures 43 meters long, has two high masts of 42 meters each, and includes eight crew members, six luxury cabins with marble bathrooms and a 250-bottle wine cellar.
This impressive catamaran had come to spend the season in Polynesian waters for the first time since 2006 and despite its lower price than Noble House (150 000 dollars a week) “no one has even praised” says Etienne Boutin.

Despite the economic downturn, manage Tahiti Ocean wants to remain optimistic: “We hope that the chikungunya epidemic will be completed in April-May and this will be announced in the media worldwide as when it starts. It should then bringing back our customers. ”

[Source: (in french) moustique-tigre.info]

First death linked to chikungunya in Guyana

First death linked to chikungunya in Guyana

This is the “first death” (Official anyway Ed) caused by the chikungunya epidemic now raging in Guyana.
This forty years old woman died last Sunday after contracting chikungunya virus in Guyana. This woman did not present a history particulierset had presented to the emergency room of the hospital in Cayenne Monday, February 2, where she had been hospitalized in the service of the UMIT (Infectious Diseases Unit). This person had then been placed in intensive care Friday, February 6 due to the deterioration of his clinical condition. Medical evacuation to the hospital in Fort-de-France was decided on February 7, but the patient died during his transfer to Martinique.

Many infected patients but few severe cases

An estimated 11,877 the number of cases since the beginning of the chikungunya epidemic in Guyana late 2013, but the number of new patients is in stable hand. The latest epidemiological epidemiological cell Antilles-Guyane published early February indicated that the epidemic seemed to have stalled in late January with a number of cases clinically suggestive stable Cayenne Guyana and West and case down on Kourou. “Since the beginning of the epidemic in Guyana, we had already complained about ten severe forms of the disease but had no need for medical evacuation, or had been fatal,” says the LRA.

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Chikungunya epidemic decrease in Tahiti

Twice fewer cases than last week in Tahiti

About a thousand new probable cases of chikungunya have been identified by the Health Surveillance Office Country last week of January 2015, against more than 2,000 the week before. This seems to confirm the net decline of the epidemic on the Windward Islands, the Leeward Islands and Tuamotu Gambier.

Pic in the Austral?

The circulation of the virus is still very active in the Austral contrary: the southernmost island of French Polynesia reported 160 new cases of chikungunya in the last week of January, which is currently the peak on highest recorded in the Austral, especially in Rurutu.

Decrease the Marquesas

In the Marquesas finally there were 450 new cases of chikungunya identified during the last week of January is still a lot, but again the decay begins. There was indeed more than 1,000 new cases during the third week of January and more than 800 the following week.

chikungunya epidemic decrease in Tahiti
chikungunya epidemic decrease in Tahiti

A quarter of the population would have consulted

Overall, the country’s health authorities estimate that a quarter of the Polynesian population consulted for the first clinical signs of chikungunya since the declaration of the epidemic in October 2014. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 938 cases were hospitalized for reasons related infection chikungunya virus (including 6.5% for severe forms). Furthermore, seven cases of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) have been identified as being related to an earlier chikungunya infection.

[Source: (french) moustique-tigre.info]

Transgenic mosquitoes in Florida this year 2015 ?

will Tigers GM Mosquitoes be used in Florida?

Florida is studying the possibility of releasing three million genetically modified tiger mosquitoes over 6 months. This measure aims to fight against chikungunya, a disease transmitted by this insect, which causes high fever and severe pain. Indeed, the idea is to introduce males whose offspring is not sustainable in nature in order to reduce the number of insects. Oxitec (The company that launched this experiment) conducted several trials in Brazil and the Cayman Islands. The company ensures that these tests showed a reduction of more than 90% of the populations of the Aedes aegypti. On the basis of these results, the US Medicines Agency (FDA) could give discharge to the project. Oxitec could then begin to release these GM mosquitoes into the wild in the next few months, with several times a week.

Raising shields in Florida

Opponents of the “mutant mosquito” are concerned about the environment and their potential impact on humans and other animal species. They also question the fact that a group of independent experts did not consider the British firm’s research. They argue that there have been no cases of dengue in the Keys for years, which shows the effectiveness of current mosquito population control methods. While the Office of mosquito control in the archipelago of the Florida Keys has agreed to work with Oxitec who built a GM mosquito breeding laboratory, more than 145,000 people have now signed a petition urging the authorities object to the state become “a place of experimentation with these mutant insects”

gm tiger mosquito
gm tiger mosquito
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Chikungunya – Lindsay Lohan poses in underwear

Will Chikungunya help Lindsay Lohan not to go back to prison?

As a reminder, Lindsay Lohan was collided with a tractor-trailer in 2012 and had avoided jail by choosing to perform 240 hours of community service in return.
On 6 November 2014, passing the judge, Lindsay Lohan had completed one half of the 240 hours set according to statements by his lawyer Shawn Holley. The judge granted a postponement until 28 January 2015.
It now appears that the starlet of 28 years has not yet completed his hours, which could earn him the end of his probationary period and the obligation to make his prison sentence. But his lawyer thinks he has an unstoppable defense: chikungunya … Indeed, the star would have made a trip to Bora Bora for New Year celebrations, which would have brought him to contract the chikungunya virus. This is the mishap that his lawyer intends to use for the bail out
Wednesday 28 January, Lindsay Lohan is expected to court to prove it has made in its entire 240 hours of community service.

Lindsay Lohan poses in underwear

Three days before the deadline is on Instagram it is photographed from all possible angles and panties in her bathroom. It also states in his post: “My underwear #calvinklein help me fight against chikungunya 🙂 hehe”. This young woman of 28 years does not lack humor since the argument is precisely that chikungunya has chosen to plead his lawyer at the next hearing, determining, to be held on 28 January.

lindsay Lohan chikungunya

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