Chikungunya – Lindsay Lohan poses in underwear

Will Chikungunya help Lindsay Lohan not to go back to prison?

As a reminder, Lindsay Lohan was collided with a tractor-trailer in 2012 and had avoided jail by choosing to perform 240 hours of community service in return.
On 6 November 2014, passing the judge, Lindsay Lohan had completed one half of the 240 hours set according to statements by his lawyer Shawn Holley. The judge granted a postponement until 28 January 2015.
It now appears that the starlet of 28 years has not yet completed his hours, which could earn him the end of his probationary period and the obligation to make his prison sentence. But his lawyer thinks he has an unstoppable defense: chikungunya … Indeed, the star would have made a trip to Bora Bora for New Year celebrations, which would have brought him to contract the chikungunya virus. This is the mishap that his lawyer intends to use for the bail out
Wednesday 28 January, Lindsay Lohan is expected to court to prove it has made in its entire 240 hours of community service.

Lindsay Lohan poses in underwear

Three days before the deadline is on Instagram it is photographed from all possible angles and panties in her bathroom. It also states in his post: “My underwear #calvinklein help me fight against chikungunya 🙂 hehe”. This young woman of 28 years does not lack humor since the argument is precisely that chikungunya has chosen to plead his lawyer at the next hearing, determining, to be held on 28 January.

lindsay Lohan chikungunya

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