Chikungunya epidemic decrease in Tahiti

Twice fewer cases than last week in Tahiti

About a thousand new probable cases of chikungunya have been identified by the Health Surveillance Office Country last week of January 2015, against more than 2,000 the week before. This seems to confirm the net decline of the epidemic on the Windward Islands, the Leeward Islands and Tuamotu Gambier.

Pic in the Austral?

The circulation of the virus is still very active in the Austral contrary: the southernmost island of French Polynesia reported 160 new cases of chikungunya in the last week of January, which is currently the peak on highest recorded in the Austral, especially in Rurutu.

Decrease the Marquesas

In the Marquesas finally there were 450 new cases of chikungunya identified during the last week of January is still a lot, but again the decay begins. There was indeed more than 1,000 new cases during the third week of January and more than 800 the following week.

chikungunya epidemic decrease in Tahiti
chikungunya epidemic decrease in Tahiti

A quarter of the population would have consulted

Overall, the country’s health authorities estimate that a quarter of the Polynesian population consulted for the first clinical signs of chikungunya since the declaration of the epidemic in October 2014. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 938 cases were hospitalized for reasons related infection chikungunya virus (including 6.5% for severe forms). Furthermore, seven cases of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) have been identified as being related to an earlier chikungunya infection.

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