First death linked to chikungunya in Guyana

First death linked to chikungunya in Guyana

This is the “first death” (Official anyway Ed) caused by the chikungunya epidemic now raging in Guyana.
This forty years old woman died last Sunday after contracting chikungunya virus in Guyana. This woman did not present a history particulierset had presented to the emergency room of the hospital in Cayenne Monday, February 2, where she had been hospitalized in the service of the UMIT (Infectious Diseases Unit). This person had then been placed in intensive care Friday, February 6 due to the deterioration of his clinical condition. Medical evacuation to the hospital in Fort-de-France was decided on February 7, but the patient died during his transfer to Martinique.

Many infected patients but few severe cases

An estimated 11,877 the number of cases since the beginning of the chikungunya epidemic in Guyana late 2013, but the number of new patients is in stable hand. The latest epidemiological epidemiological cell Antilles-Guyane published early February indicated that the epidemic seemed to have stalled in late January with a number of cases clinically suggestive stable Cayenne Guyana and West and case down on Kourou. “Since the beginning of the epidemic in Guyana, we had already complained about ten severe forms of the disease but had no need for medical evacuation, or had been fatal,” says the LRA.

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