Asian tiger mosquito deseases: chikungunya

The chikungunya disease can be carried by the asian tiger mosquito.

In the recent news, the asian tiger mosquito makes speak about him more particularly concerning two diseases: the chikungunya, and the dengue.
For these two diseases, the vector of transmission is the tiger mosquito.
These diseases are classified as mandatory declaration, what has for objective to allow a closer follow-up  of their distribution.
You will find here the description of these two diseases and their symptoms, as well as some tips to avoid their contagion.

The chikungunya

The chikungunya is initially a tropical infectious viral disease. it is present in many contries. Its name means ” bending, curling up “. Indeed, it gives to the infected persons very strong joint pains and a bent aspect.

Time of incubation: 5 to 7 days average.
Time of immunity: for life having contracted the disease
Main symptoms: 3 days of high fever, then buttons and aches, which can return during several months. Please note that children can sometimes have no buttons.
Population at risk: infants and children, pregnant women, fragile, sick of old persons. For them the disease can go to the death or have strong aftereffects
Treatment: no medicine exists at this day to fight against the virus. Only the treatment of the symptoms is possible: control of the fever and the pain

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