Asian tiger mosquito deseases: dengue

The dengue disease can be carried by the asian tiger mosquito.

The asian tiger mosquito recently made speak about it especially concerning two diseases: the chikungunya, and the dengue.
For these two diseases, the transmission vector is the asian tiger mosquito.
These diseases are classified as mandatory declaration, what has for objective to allow a closer follow-up  of their distribution.
You will find here the description of these two diseases and their symptoms, as well as some tips to avoid their contagion.

The dengue

The dengue is an initially tropical infectious viral disease. There are 4 various viruses of the dengue.

Time of incubation: between 2 and 7 days
Timeof cure: approximately 1 week
Time of immunity: for life for the specific contracted virus, but temporary and partial for the others variations of this virus. It seems that the contraction of a second virus can be at the origin of complications or of worsening of the symptoms.
Main symptoms: tired, fever, nausea, vomitings, headaches, joint and muscular pains, buttons
Population at risk: infants and children, pregnant women, fragile, sick or old persons. For them the disease can go to the death or pull(entail) grave aftereffects.
Treatment: no medicine exists at this day to fight against the virus. Only the treatment of the symptoms is possible: control of the fever and the pain

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