Gallinipper : a huge mosquito with painful bite comes back to florida

Last summer, the Tropical Storm Debby hit Florida and the torrential waters spread a multitude of mosquitoes eggs like, for example, the gallinipper.
This mosquito is native to florida and is a HUGE mosquito (6-7 mm), and has a painful bite…
Next summer, if it rains a lot, this mosquito could come back because Debby brought a good breeding ground for the gallinipper !

UF/IFAS Photo by Marisol Amador

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Tiger mosquito and other invasive species cost 12 billions euro per year for europe

The tiger mosquito is known as one of the world most invasive alien species as it can carry not less than 20 different disease, including the Dengue and the chikungunya !
In Europe, it costs up to 20 billions per year.
Discovered in 1966 in Asia, it spreads allover the world, and has now colinized dozains of countries allover the five continents, moving through international travels and especially tires.