Identify asian tiger mosquito – description

Here are some tips to recognize the asian tiger mosquito and differenciate it from the common mosquito:

  • Slower and clumsier flight
  • Less shy with us, or dummer, I d’ont know ;)
  • Mosquito, striped black and white (no yellow), slightly Spangled with silver.
  • It lets powder on your hand when you crush it (like butterflies)
  • the asian tiger mosquito bite can be felt, like a blade of dry grass
  • the asian tiger mosquito bite usually provokes a button looking like an a little flat blister, looking like a bulb, from 5mm to 2cm of diameter, somtimes turning into red and maybe become larger according to the skin reaction of some persons
  • the asian tiger mosquito bite scratches almost immediately, then falls asleep, but can reappear after the shower during several days
  • The size of the tiger mosquito varies strongly. Some are smaller than the common mosquito (thick of half a mm, and length of 2), some very clumsy, (thick of 1mm, and length of 8mm)
  • They seem not to climb often in floors and usually stay at the ground floor, or sometime at the first floor

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