protection against tiger mosquito

You first need to understand how it reproduces.

The tiger mosquito lays exclusively near stagnant waters, natural or artificial receptacles.

When in the contact of the water, its eggs open and immediately give birth to larvas, which turn into mosquitoes within 7 days.

Before laying, the female mosquito needs to bite. The collected blood will supply the  proteins necessary to lay an average of 200 eggs and continue living for. So when you get bit, be aware that it will immediately go and hide itself in order to give birth !

About 48 hours later it can bite again ! It will run again and again this cycle during approximately 1 month so it can give birth potentially to 1500 mosquitoes!!
The tiger mosquito generally establishes itself very near from human housing environment.

Some advice to protect yourself against the tiger mosquito

The Tiger mosquito is basically a stay-at-home mosquito. It thus stays near houses, and has a scope only of hundred of meters. If there are mosquitoes at your home, it thus means that there are places not far where it can lay and reproduce.

1/Eliminate stagnant waters to limit the distribution of the tiger mosquito

As you understood here before, the first remedy consists in eliminating all the stagnant waters in your neighborhood!
Make a walk all around your garden, and check if stangnant waters exist, such as bowls, jars, barrels, watering cans, gutters, tires, children’s toys, etc.
If that is the case, find a means to eliminate them.
Also think of emptying after each rain those whom you were not able to eliminate.
Think of your wooden terraces which can hide small puddles which remain several days after rains, even all summer long!
Remind yourselve that every receptacle left intact can give birth to several hundreds of mosquitoes 48 hours later!

Here’s a tip if you have sub-jars which retain the water: fill them fully with sand up to the edge. So, there will not be stagnant water anymore but only wet sand. That works, think of it !!
tiger mosquito stagnant water jar

2/ protect against the tiger mosquito

Many solutions exist to protect you:

Sprays or cream anti-mosquitoes

: be carefull not to forget any zone of your body, otherwise the mosquito will find it ! They are however to be avoided for several categories of persons at risk: young children and the pregnant women for example. Before the age of one year, it is necessary to use lighter products and especially not to put them directly on the skin

Bracelets anti-mosquitoes

: they smell hardly the citronella. Their efficiency depends on the person. If you are a person that mosquitoes are crazy about you, you can test! If that does not work, drop it and to try other methods described on this site!

Throw away the tiger mosquito

Anti-mosquito pirals: it is the most effective method! Be carefull : it’s for external usage only. If you choose to use it inside, check that you ventilate well

Surround yourselves with certain plants (citronelle, thyme lemon, basil with small sheets, etc.) around the terrace and around windows

4/Kill the tiger mosquito!

The anti-mosquito electric rackets. It is the trend of the summer, 2013 ! Other methods working less and less well for the past few years, the best is to eliminate them everytime one come and fly near you. The main inconvnient is that you focus your attention on them instead of forgetting them …

5/Use tiger mosquito trap

Several kinds of traps already exist. Some are not that mucth efficient (mosquito trap based on a bottle full of sugar, water and baker’s yeast for example). Some other are mutch more efficient, like the tiger mosquitito trap by Biogents. It features a patented combination of attractive visual signals, a specific air plume that mimics convection currents created by a human body and a patented mix of artificial skin emanations (Biogents Sweetscent™) that are released through a large surface area. The Biogents traps catch significally more tiger mosquitoes than other traps without carbon dioxide.

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