Nomade mosquito repellent

Certain zones are infested with the tiger mosquito, and you can do nothing there. It is for example the case in the forest, certain parks or underwood, or along the rivers.
In the same way, when you are in full gardening, excursion, with the fishing season or in camp-site, and that you do not wish to apply products to the skin (spray, lotion and bracelet anti mosquito, when they are containing DEET, active product more and more often criticized), it is difficult to be protected from the mosquitos.

Here a solution which comes us from the United States:


Its principle is simple: the nomade mosquito repellent Thermacell diffuses anti-insects, by heating plates containing d-Allethrine and of pyrethrinoid with low toxicity. It is a principle equivalent to the classic mosquito catches, but transposed to nomadism. Autonomy is approximately of 12 hours. When you carry this repulsive to your belt, the mosquitos move away immediately.

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