tiger mosquito larva trap

The larva trap from Aqualab attracts the mosquitos, concentrates and destroys the larvae, effective against all the Mosquitos, even the mosquitos tigers.

Its principle is simple: you deposit in the content of the trap an additive which gives the impression to the tiger mosquito which water is favourable with the laying (simulating elements in decomposition). You fill of water and place the trap in the shade. The mosquito then thinks that this stagnant water is ideal to lay and the female will be carried out.
Once the larvae will go down in the trap, they will be found trapped because they will try to go up along the borders (which are clearer than the center of the trap) and will never be able to arise with the free air once transformed into mosquitos. This trap thus contributes to decrease the population of mosquitos while avoiding with the female finding a TRUE place of laying.

mosquito larva trap

mosquito larva trap

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