tiger mosquito repellent review

solutions tested and approved by tiger-mosquito.info to fight against the tiger mosquito

We tested for you special solutions of Biogents against the tiger mosquito.

After several months (or years) of hard testings during the summers between 2012 and 2014, the result is astonishing: the number of tiger mosquitos strongly fell in the garden! Previous years at the same time, the mosquitos attacked the ankles masses at early morning and early evening, but this year, only some mosquitos remain. To benefit from the terrace and the swimming pool has finally become again a pleasure!!
We tested: it is effective against the mosquitos tigers!!

You can find this product on the site moustiquesolutions.com.

Mosquitito™ from Biogents

This mosquito trap is composed of a ventilator integrated into the device, which imitates the hot air draughts that produces a human being, then aspires the mosquito tiger, which desiccates itself.
In addition, it diffuses a soft food especially designed to attract the tiger mosquitos.

The mosquitito from Biogents

mosquito trap

The tiger mosquito maxi-stick repellent

Same principle that an anti-mosquito spiral, this repulsive is particularly effective against thetiger mosquito. It releases during 3 hours low toxicity pyrethrinoid, without any risk for the people and the pets when external use. Tested by tiger-mosquito.info, it moves away much more effectively the tiger mosquitos than the traditional spirals.

tiger mosquito maxi-stick repellent
tiger mosquito repellent

The nomade mosquito repellent

For your ballades out of drill, in the garden, during the fishing season, you can create an mosquito repellent “bubble” around you. Same principle as the anti-mosquito catches, this portable device diffuses anti-insects around you, by heating plates containing d-Allethrine and of pyrethrinoid with low toxicity.

anti moustique portable
tiger mosquito nomade repellent

Larva trap from Aqualab

This mosquito trap attracts, concentrates and destroys the larvae, effective against all the Mosquitos, even the asian tiger mosquito. This trap was tested by the tiger-mosquito.info site and is really effective. A special soft food is deposited in it and at the end of a few days, it fills of mosquito larvae. One can see them twisting oneself in water. When the larva wants to nourish itself, it goes down at the bottom, and is then trapped.
More information here on this mosquito larva trap

tiger mosquito larva trap

tiger mosquito larva trap

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