Tiger mosquito trap

The “mosquitito” is the trap most effective trap against the tiger mosquito.
The principle of this mosquito repellent is very simple: a ventilator integrated into the device permanently turns in order to imitate the hot air draughts which produces a human being, then the mosquito tiger is aspired, which desiccates itself.
It also diffuses a soft food especially designed to attract the tiger mosquitos.
Contrary to the ultraviolet anti mosquito lamp to which is completely ineffective against the tiger mosquitos (it is effective during the night, whereas the tiger mosquito is present only during the day), the Mosquitito anti mosquito trap eliminates, day after day, a few tens of mosquitos daily, which very strongly contributes to cleanse your garden or your terrace and enables you to benefit from it again. This solution was tested and approved by the tiger-mosquito.info site.

The mosquitito of Biogents
mosquito trap

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