Tiger mosquito world maps and distribution : US, Asia, Latin America, Europe, Africa

The tiger mosquito (also called aedes albopictus) comes initially from the tropical and subtropical areas of Southeast Asia. It was officially discovered in 1966. Since the 90s, it’s spreading allover the world, mainly through international tranels. Indeed this insect has an amaizing capacity to adapt to its environment and to survive during winter as a larvae.
It’s currently becoming an ennemy because of its capacity to fly and bite during the day (mainly at the beginning and at the end of the day) and because it likes to live near to our houses. It is now one of the 100 world’s worst invasive species.
According to wikipedia, here is how it sprayed since its discovery :
– 1966 : Asia
– 1979 : Albania
– 1985 : United states
– 1986 : Brazil
– 1988 : Mexico
– 1990 : Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, Nigeria
– 1993 : Dominican republic
– 1995 : Bolivia, Cuba, Honduras, and Guatemala
– 1996 : El Salvador
– 1999 : France, Cameroon
– 2000 : Belgium
– 2001 : Montenegro, Equatorial Guinea
– 2002 : Corsica
– 2002 : Panama, Uruguay
– 2003 : Switzerland, Greece, Nicaragua, Lebanon, Israel
– 2004 : Spain and Croatia
– 2005 : Netherlands and Slovenia, Syria
– 2006 : Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gabon
– 2007 : Germany
– 2010 : Malta

The following map shows the implantation of the tiger mosquito allover the world, in 2008, where it is really installed, or sporadically detected [Source : gloster.com] Asian tiger mosquito world distribution map
On this map we can see the the tiger mosquito is present in Africa (Nigeria, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Madagascar), in Asia (Israel, Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, India, China, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Guinea) United states and Europe (see detailed maps below)

The following map shows the presence and distribution of the asian tiger mosquito in the US (united states) in year 2000, [source cdc.gov]
Asian tiger mosquito united states map
On this map, you can see that, in year 2000, the tiger mosquito was already spreading in the Texas, Louisiana, Mississipi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, West Virginia, New Jersey, New York !!
See the dedicated page : Asian tiger mosquito US distribution map

The following map shows the presence and absence of the tiger mosquito in Europe in 2012. Red parts are places where it has been observed in the last 5 years, and green parts are where it is supposed to be absent [Source earthtimes.org] Tige rmosquito European implantation map
On this map we can see that the tiger mosquito is present in Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Monte Negro, Serbia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria.
See the dedicated page : asian tiger mosquito europe distribution map

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