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Anal play tips you've always wanted to go in through the back door, but haven't had the chance to cross it off your sexual bucket list yet. No matter your experience level, you might be in search of tips to make your next anal sex experience the best it can be—and who better to guide you than Dr. With her help, we assembled a guide to anal sex for beginner and advanced practitioners, from the hottest positions to the best toys to add an extra boost of pleasure. Here's how to have mind-blowing anal sex, whether it's your first or five-hundredth time. Before you even think about approaching the back door, you need to have "the talk" with your partner.

Find out if you're both on the same about experimenting with butt stuff—and if it turns out they're not into it, do not pressure them. You're both down to try it? Now, hold your horses: The key to first-time anal sex is going slow, Vrangalova says. That, and using a lot of lube. The anus isn't going to lubricate itself, people! Consider starting with some rimmingor simply pressing on the anal area.

Then go in with a finger or a very small butt plug, followed by two fingers or a larger toy. Then, if the receiving partner is comfortable, you can enter with your penis. It's hard to predict how long it'll take to get there. Other people's anuses may be slower to open up—in which case, you may want to adjust your penetration technique.

The biggest takeaway here?

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Talk to your partner the whole way through about what feels good. There are lots of great positions for anal sex beginners. Receiving partners often find it easiest to be on their back, on their stomach, or on all fours. That being said, as long as your partner has gone two recently—and they're not in the midst of like, a violent diarrhea spell—you probably don't need to worry about a sudden poop explosion or "poop-pocalypse," as Vrangalova calls it.

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If a little poop make an appearance, don't be a dick about it. Your partner might be embarrassed, so let them know it's no big deal.

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So you've mastered the basics of anal sex, anal play tips now you're looking to take your skills to the next level. Remember: Get consent from your partner every time you do anal—or any sex act, for that matter. Just because they were cool with it once, they're not necessarily in the mood for it tonight. If you're both down to ramp up your anal game, read on. If you have always have anal with the receiving partner on their hands and knees, try switching it up.

As Men's Health ly reported, one easy option is a position known as The Matterhornwhich involves the receiving partner kneeling and leaning on a stack of pillows or piece of furniture at a degree angle. Here's something relatively easy to try: If the receiving partner has a vagina, they can try using a vibrator on their clitoris to make the anal sex experience even more pleasurable.

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Clitoral stimulation may also help them relax—not to mention achieve an incredible orgasm. Here's something a little more advanced: double penetration. For the super-duper advanced, there's even the possibility of double anal penetration—i. You can work up to it by using bigger and bigger toys, or a fist.

Use your hand to insert it and hold it in there, or move it in and out—whatever feels good. If the receiving partner has a vagina, they can wear it during anal penetration. You could "have the wand on clit and then either a penis or another toy anally," Vrangalova recommends. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Pieter Cohen, M. So you're into butt stuff.

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Anal play tips

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