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Jump to content. Premium Tank : TankensteinJadgpanther. The E line and the IS-4 line are the most heavily armed and armored heavies in the game so far, but the E also requires far more skill for that armor to be utilized correctly, whereas the IS-4 line is much easier to use and even more so when you are an experienced player.

The Maus is also heavily armored but it only has a mm cannon, which doesn't pack as much of a punch as it's counterpart, but the maus truly requires skill or you will fail in it. The IS-7 i personally don't like because of the ammo storage You'd understand if you had it, but it has troll armor all around, but usually if you get penned, you'll have a module damaged or a crew member dead or you'll even find out what i mean about the ammo storage.

This is purely observation as i do not own any of these tanks but i know these things and many others will agree. KevnxKilla, on 26 July - AM, said:. Maus and E can easily bounce gold. Angling will take a while to learn, but once you know, you're unstoppable. Also, sidescraping is really helpful because there's a lot of spaced armor and tracks. Welcome to the forum! Let me start armor blitz best tanks by saying armor and hit points mean nothing for your gameplay at this point. You may find a love for tds or mediums. Theres not one heavy tank that can't be dispatched by a good med driver.

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I like you at that point was worried about more and more armor! If you dont learn the basics to using it you just have your big chunk of hp. Learn some skills like hull down, side scrape, wiggles, etc. Anything to bounce. As an example I completed american heavy line. Hull down king at tier 7 and up. E5 im learning to negate the tumor but in i do well. Vs an is7 with a regular joe driver I can hull down and all that armor means nothing if he doesnt hide his lower plate. Vs an e or maus i armor blitz best tanks face hug use heat to pen and the red will bounce most shots.

Knowing what to do with your armor is better than just having the most. I recommend watching videos of some tier 8 heavies and pick one as a goal and learn what it takes to get there. Seen you in game before on the reds and laughed your username! So its good to see you made it to the forum. Maus has good armor and buffed up the gun recently. Tough one for me, I agree with KevinxKilla, angle, turret while focusing on battle takes skill.

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I enjoyed grinding up with German Heavies but takes time. The Russian Heavies seem to be more agile and decent firepower. Good luck. The best tool or in this case, armor is useless in the hands of one who has not the knowledge to properly wield it. All tanks in game have strengths and weakness.

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They all have different armor layouts and methods to use them. I highly recommend taking in as many guides and videos as you can. Knowledge is power, my friend.

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Completely disagree on the IS I was given this advice when I was new, and it was a huge mistake. The IS-7's armor is a problem because it has a pike nose - which means it is only really good head-on. It does not teach you to angle or build skills you can use in other tanks. It cannot handle more than one opponent at a time.

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It can side scrape and hull down well, but both are very difficult to do given it's bad gun depression which requires very good map knowledge. The other Russian heavy line is the best for a newer player from the T up through the IS They have excellent armor, decent guns, and every tank is very competitive for it's tier. The line is consistent and does not require changes in play style. The line teaches and rewards great tactics like angling, side scraping, and hull down tactics which you can apply with minimal map knowledge and those skills can be applied to many other tanks in the game.

Search for "tank boom" on iTunesStitcherSoundCloud or your podcast player of choice! Android user? Get the Tank Boom! Community Forum Software by IP. Please log in to reply. I was just wondering which heavy tank line has the best armor, thanks. Russian line is noob freindly.

Easy to use. German line is quite hard armor blitz best tanks adapt with. Thousands of things you have to learn plus handling with the Russian Bias issues in German tank is not that easy. At tier X, the Maus has the heaviest armour. However, its flat all around and weak at the turret, and since people spam gold rounds its really hard to use right. The E is similar. The IS4, I have never heard anyone speak greatly about the armour, but it seems pretty good on the sides.

The Fvb is not well armoured, nor is the Te5. The IS7 would be a great choice for your first and most people I think would agree. Its armour angles make for a tricky tank to hit, and I can tell you I have gotten quite frusterated trying to penetrate these at times, with my rounds bouncing off what seems to be a gray pennable area of the hull.

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So I would say, for a first tier X, the IS7 has the best armour since its easier to use it. Agree with Dilutd. Is 7 got problem with its ammo rack pretty easy to explode. But im not agree regarding with the damage caused by Maus gun. German is quite comparable to the Russian on Is7. Plus, after considering the recent buff on the gun ROFit is quite powerfull tho.

The Maus has the most armor, but it sucks. If you think that armor will make it easy to win though, you'll be very frustrated at tier ten. There's a lot of HEAT being fired, so you should either fire it back or use a tank that doesn't depend on armor to win. Actually the vk 90 p is it has the most armor on the front which is mm but hard to get. If it burns when I pee, does that mean I wouldn't be a good fireman? If you're gonna necropost the time is now. In a toxic community it is not enough to not be toxic; you must be anti-toxic. Back to General Discussion.

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Armor blitz best tanks

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