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There's a time and place for good old-fashioned video pornography among other things, research shows that couples may enjoy itbut sometimes you need stimulation that leaves a little more to the imagination. Enter: Erotica, arousing content that tantalizes by allowing you to envision lurid fantasies any way you want. It's like a personal porn theater—only in your mind.

Lucky for you, the internet is positively brimming with quality erotica. Among aficionados, the go-to destination is Literoticaa trove of titillation featuring more thansex stories both fictional and realaudio files, and illustrations—all available for free. But the internet is deep, and there are raunchy re all over.

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For your convenience, we've collected the best of the best below. Yes, they're all NSFW. Feel free to expand your erotica reading list by paying a visit to any these sexy sites. After all, the book is often better than the movie.

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The site has an extensive archive of erotic stories, novels, poems, and more—all with a focus on bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism. There are also resources for folks who are curious about BDSM but have yet to dive headlong into the lifestyle. It's a one-stop shop for anyone looking to add a little kink to their day or night.

Hearing other people's sexual encounters best literotica stories be a major turn on, but asking to hear about them is weird and creepy. Solve that catch by visiting Sex Stories Arenawhich offers up real-life sex stories voluntarily submitted by real-life people. Since anyone can submit, the writing isn't always the most sophisticated, but sometimes that helps when you're looking for authenticity or a story that gets straight to the point. Also, the site will let you give erotic writing a go, if you so desire; see if being on the other side of the screen turns you on too.

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Remittance Girl is the eponymous pseudonym of the author whose work is featured on this site. The style is consistent, focusing on stories with pleasure and fetish woven throughout. She conveniently categorizes each piece, which makes picking your poison quick and easy. The site is free, but she best literotica stories that you make a donation to the ACLU if you enjoy her work. That way, you can feel good about yourself after feeling good. Readers are given the power to dictate the narrative, which is perfect for anyone who either loves being dominant or is wants to give being the dom a try.

Either way, you get to choose your own happy ending. Polyamory is trending these days, and Sex, Love, and Everything will give you an idea as to why. A married couple blogs about their unique experiences after opening their marriage.

They aren't just open in terms of sharing sexual partners; they're also open to many best literotica stories of pleasure and sexual experimenting. As such, this is a great place to discover new kinks—or to just live vicariously through a sexually adventurous couple. Tired of erotica catered to a straight audience? That's understandable, and thankfully not a problem: Just visit Niftya site with an expansive archive of erotica focused on the LGBT community.

You can browse by sexual orientation as well as by fetish. What's more, this site has been around sinceso this isn't its first rodeo; the staying power alone ought to speak for Nifty's quality. Finally, a site dedicated to masturbation! Solo Touch has over 40, stories—all with the shared theme of masturbating. Members also have access to a live chat room, forum, and web cams.

We dare you to visit this site without, well, copying the subject matter. There's no shame in having very specific taste when it comes to erotic fiction. Maybe sexy Lord of the Rings is your flavor of choice, and that's okay. Is it nerdy? Is there a vast collection of dirty, detailed fantasies out there that will scratch your itch?

Just visit Adult Fan Fiction. Kinkly is perfect for anyone who is looking to explore erotica without any specific category in mind. The site also has robust sections for info on sex toys, sex positions, and sex advice. Kinkly is a great place to start if you're new to the world of erotica and want to consider all your options.

Racy is for sex positive men who are unapologetically kinky. All posts are made by "Dave," who describes himself by saying, "I'm fluent in 3 languages: English, Profanity and Sarcasm. Lush Stories is incredibly popular—and for good reason.

The site has a lot to offer, and works as a social media site of sorts that allows browsers to consume a variety of content. It's got erotic fiction, chat rooms, live web cams, and straight-up porn. It's truly an erotic playground for the kinky and the curious. The multimedia site Bellesa focuses on the female perspective, with a mission to present women as subjects of pleasure, rather than objects of desire. The pornographic videos and explicit stories can give curious individuals an idea of what actually turns women on.

Learning can be fun or, in cases like this, arousing. Scandarella is run by Ella Scandel, who brings you informative sex toy reviews and raunchy erotica stories. Her review section is one of the most thorough on this list, as it includes every type of bondage accessory you could imagine, lubricants, kegel exercisers, candles, and more. Save yourself the weird experience of Yelping "good lube" and instead direct yourself to this site.

For those of you who value the literary aspect of erotica, Novel Trove will suit your fancy. Some stories are romantic, some are purely sexual, some are true, and some are fictional. There's a wide range best literotica stories, and a lot of them are longer than pieces you'll find on other sites. Anyone can read the stories, and members are even invited to submit their own. Novel Trove is a community for all erotica lovers.

Simplicity can be key. Repository is simply an archive of erotic literature from more than 1, authors. Nothing more, nothing less. Plus, it's all free. What's not to love? All Rights Reserved.

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Best literotica stories

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