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Blood fetishism or Hematolagnia is a context used to describe the sexual interest or paraphillia for blood as defined by Renfield's syndrome, or as a sexual interest for blood within BDSM or Vampire lifestyles not always. Within the BDSM lifestyle the acts of using blood for sexual arousal are known as bloodsports or bloodplay which in themselves are considered a form of edgeplay due to the risks involved such as the spread of blood borne diseases. The use of menstrual blood as a means to sexual arousal may rarely be considered a form of blood fetishism and may be known as Red wings.

Blood fetishism is also an anthropological term used blood play fetish describe the belief within a society or culture that blood in itself as a material substance possesses powerful and magical properties. I've seen people doing phobias and mental illnesses, but I don't think I've seen anyone doing a philia series yet.

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Hope it looks ok on yours cause the colours are screwed on my laptop. Ah anyway, another colour edit in the comments section plus the painting I did for my project, it probably looks quite familar ; The concept is similar to the photograph I based it on, but I tweaked some things a little so it looks slightly different. I got the idea here. I asked for and received permission here thank you!

I tried and failed to find the pictured book here.

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You can go read about the book here. There are three main elements to edge play. The first is a sexual role play with the implication of psychological or physical violence.

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The specific nature of this role play depends entirely on who is playing, since what feels threatening Did an impromptu shoot with Rhea. Then they just sort of played around and had fun, as one does when one has opened up one's vein for Art. Something always goes wrong. I had a really bad point of view for this performance. Looks like it was a little bloodplay. But I think it was fake because at one point she brunette pulls one of those rods out of her back and gouges it through the other one's wrist and blood leaks out.

It literally leaks out and falls straight down. I don't think it works that way. The performance was cool though. Explore Trending Events More More. Tags bloodplay. View all All Photos Tagged bloodplay. Offering at Dusk by Portia Swords.

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Haematophilia by JolsAriella. READ by jessamyn west. I am a little sorry if this is too gross for some people, I just think it's such a lovely photo.

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Original artwork by Jared Powell. It's for sale. Want it? Message me! Day This blood looks fake by Allan Crain. Which is, you know, ironic, given the source. Blood play anyone? We got a skin on skin thing baby. Bloodplay by Jason Goldman.

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Bloodplay 02 by Raviliac. Another photo from the dissection? Bloodplay 03 by Raviliac. Last picture form the dissection?

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