Can a dom fall in love with his sub

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The fear is that after falling in love with your slave you will go soft. As times goes by feelings may change however. If the match is right, emotions develop, commitment deepens, investment, materially and emotionally, broadens. What started as an intriguing girl, attractive, submissive and exciting, turns into a compelling woman, which fills our heart with respect and awe.

So much so, that there is a risk that the balance of power will tilt in favour of the submissive, such is the deference the dom may feel towards her. This is where it can go wrong. The sub, whether consciously or unconsciously, will sense that the dom is so besotted with her that she now commands the strongest position.

There is another possibility however. That those very feelings of admiration and respect will fuel the dominance of the dom. This is the boat I find myself in. If I fancy her I want to grab her by the hair. Love changes us and I will argue that with the right person you become more of who you are.

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With the right match, you become more dominant and more submissive. You delve deeper in your path and how wonderful that feels. Falling in love with your submissive may be the best thing that happened to you.

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Trying to survive life, love, and everything in between. Day Seventeen — What does Trust Means?

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Rules & Definition Of A Dominant Submissive Relationship