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Just the words 'cock and ball torture' would send many men shuddering. Testicles are sensitive. Even as a woman, I know this. I remember the first time I kicked a boy in the balls on the playground for trying to kiss me.

He never came near me again. To start, BDSM cock and ball torture is a part of RACK or risk-aware consensual kink, anytime torture or torture devices are involved, we are taking a risk. In order for acts to be consensual, all participants must be aware that they are risking injury.

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Precautions should be taken, just as with any kink. Devices of pleasure and pain for CBT fetish on display. Ballbusting and the likes might sound like something out of a horror movie. Just my simple inquiry made my husband gasp. However, cock and ball torture is so popular that every time I open a kinky profile somewhere online, I get roughly three to five s a day from men asking for it. Just looking for cock and ball torture devices online will pull up site after site, tool after tool. This is because CBT fetish is popular.

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And not only amongst the kink community. So what is the draw, beyond those who enjoy a little humiliation and pain as pleasure? I think for many, CBT fetish is a way of feeling like more of a man. Even for parents who try hard not to expose their children to that toxicity, the reality is society will inflict it soon enough.

Even non-kinky dominant men, because any man that can handle his balls being put into a torture device is tough as fuck. For Mistresses like me, taking part in cock and ball torture can be therapeutic. Being in charge of a man in a male-dominated society means a power shift.

It can be hot as hell and healing. Sienna Saint-Cyr writes erotica and blogs about kink, poly, body image, most things relating. Have CBT fetish? Why do you find CBT fetish hot? Let us know! We've cbt kink you pegged well, only with consent of course! Butt stuff is a cornerstone of kinky, BDSM and fetish play, but if butt plugs and rimming.

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We live in an age of technology; it fills every aspect of our lives, every room of the house - even the bedroom. However, there's a new wave of. It's the most festive time of the year, and with the holidays around the corner maybe you're thinking of sexy stocking fillers for your favourite.

These days, self-pleasure is more important than ever given that many people are experiencing some form of a lockdown or are isolated from their. You can post now and register later. If you have anplease to post with your. Restore formatting.

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Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. or insert images from URL. Posted October 22, Posted May 29, Posted May 28, When engaging in. Billed as 'Valentine's Day for men', March 14th is dedicated to. No matter how or what specific holiday you celebrate, gift-giving is a good idea any time of year.

Writer Kayla Lords gives her pick of sex toy gifts. For the seventh instalment of her ongoing cross-website sex toy review cbt kink, writer Abi Brown looks at UberKinky. But can this website claim to be. English English Deutsch. Our own Sienna Saint-Cyr shares her experiences of cock and ball torture as a mistress, and what you should know. Ballbusting is often the easiest to take part in because it involves other body parts and no fancy torture devices. For this reason, ballbusting also one of the more common. Torture Devices : Any toy that causes pain and tortures the wearer would fall into this category.

So ball crushers, urethra stretchers, shock devices, pinwheels, spiked cock ringsclamps, spiked cages, ball weights, and so on. As always, do your research and use with caution. Ball Stretching : This is often done with a cbt kink or any device that can stretch the testicles.

Sometimes ball stretching done to cause pain, but ball stretching is much more complex. A small amount of stretching can bring more pleasure during an orgasm. The cage generally locks and the key kept by the Mistress or Master or Dominant. Cock and ball torture cages can get uncomfortable when the cock is erect, which many tell me is part of the fun! Sounding and Urethra Devices : A metal rod or plug inserted into the urethra to cause sexual pleasure. Sounding rods and plugs are often tapped on, creating a vibration to travel up the urethra. Electro Shock Play : Using tools like a violet wand on the cock or testicles.

By using a violet wanda device created initially for hair growth, now a kinky torture tool, you can adjust the output to prevent damage to more sensitive areas of the body. Needles : Needles can be inserted into the cock. Often in a row along the shaft, longer needles can go through the meat of the cock, some through the tip of the penis, but these are generally thin medical grade needles.

They can also be used on the testicles. Are you looking for a sub to practice cock and ball torture? Add Sadist to your profile and find other kinksters searching the same. BDSM Toys. April December 15, December 8, May 26, the conversation You can post now and register later.

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Cbt kink

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