Chastity key holding service

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Limited time Coupons. First, you should get the Chastity safe with paid release option. This service works only with Chastity devices with external padlock. This box is a perfect place to store the key to your slave's chastity cage keys or restraint devices or anything else you want to deny your partner until they've earned it.

We send you a padlock key already locked inside the box by a combination padlock.

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The padlock to put on the chastity cage comes open. Once you receive it, slide the padlock to your cage and lock it - The only way to get release is by having the combination.

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When you can't hold it anymore, just purchase your release. Please mention your initial order of the Chastity Safe in the note section at order.

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Female Chastity Female Chastity Belts. Suspension bondage Shibari Rings Anal Hooks.

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Urethral play Penis plugs. Penis Extender Penis Extenders. Bundle Packs Bundles Subscription Box. Chastity release - Keyholding Service. Add to Cart.

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Chastity key holding service. Pay to get released. Mistress Elena hold all the combinations. Works great of you do not have a key holder and decide to pursue long chastity goals. You may also like. Subscribe Be in the loop of any new Blog posts.

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3+ Months Key Holding Service