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There was nothing more addictive for me than the pursuit of the affections of someone right outside my reach. The most curious display of this compulsion was a few ill-conceived dalliances with some much younger men.

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In my late 30s, when I was about to move from DC to Georgia, I ran through the selection of men who might be interested in my dating profile. The were pretty bleak. If I had an itch that needed to be scratched my options were narrowed down to younger, single men or older, married men. Adultery was an easy reach, but I figured if I was going to be the subject of petty gossips, I could at least give them something new to fill their cups.

Occasionally I would attract the eye of a tempting tenderoni who may or may not have been privy to the ificant gap between our ages. My milkshake may not have brought all the boys to the yard, but it was a veritable lightning cougar sex confessions for white boys in their twenties undergoing an existential crisis. In other ways, I was glad to leave my twenties far behind me. I was not equipped for late-night booty calls instigated by too many shots of Jagermeister. What grown-ass woman gets excited over the prospect of propping up whiskey dick on a Saturday night?

And on weeknights?

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Forget it. Once I got home and took off my bra I was in for the evening. So it was no surprise I performed my role as a cougar like an ill-prepared understudy thrust upon an unfamiliar stage. And for all my consternation over shaky power dynamics, gossip, and strategies for hair removal, none of these strange entanglements ever played out the way I expected. When I lived in Georgia, where virtually everyone I socialized with was coupled, I could tolerate being the 3rd, 5th, or 7th wheel of the group until we went out to eat.

The couples would confirm which orders would be paid together, and then the waiter would stare quizzically at me as if someone had not done the math. On one of these evenings, when I was feeling prickly about my single status, I preemptively interrupted our young waiter before he could start with this micro-aggressive ritual of interrogation. My rude, unwarranted outburst was impervious to his Southern charm. The effect intended from his use of this tactical maneuver merited cougar sex confessions investigation.

At a cougar sex confessions, I owed him a sizable tip, and perhaps he could return the favor. On closer inspection, I noticed a resemblance to Sam Rockwell or a young Gary Oldman, which is essentially the very same thing. Either way, I was a fan. There were only about five restaurants worth frequenting near campus, so I continued to low-key stalk my new waiter friend until he agreed to meet me for a drink.

Over polite conversation, he informed me he was about to leave town to partake in some adventurous experience like ing the Peace Corps or working on the Alaskan pipeline. As far I was concerned, that sounded like the perfect set-up for no-strings-attached sexual hijinx. Any cougar worth her claws could have pulled that off without a hitch.

The evening seemed to be going well until some of his friends called, wanting to meet up at another bar. He invited me to come along, but I thought I would spare myself that bit of awkwardness.

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And then I waited for his call until about 2 a. I thought nothing of it when this slightly older transfer student asked to keep in touch with me after graduating; many of my students did. In many delightful ways, he was a Starburst full of juicy contradictions; more of a musician than an actor, he wrote wholesome folk songs and rap lyrics that also adhered to the virtues of his devout, Baptist upbringing. During the short time I was living in Baltimore, I received one of his infamous text message at a.

He had been driving through the night from Canada, on his way Philadelphia and had some time to chill before his next show. I was starstruck by his musical talent, but his true gift was making women feel incredibly special for a brief amount of time and then ghosting. I rarely heard from him unless he was going to be driving through my city on tour. As I said, I used to be hard-headed like that. I felt like a complete idiot cougar sex confessions in the hotel room where we agreed to meet.

He had a history of getting me all hot and bothered then hanging me out to dry. I was wondering how long I should wait for him when suddenly there was a knock on the door. We kissed immediately, he took a quick shower and climbed naked into the bed.

If I have sex with you now and then just pick up and leave tomorrow, that will make me feel horrible. I could respect that his faith was important to him, and he wanted to do right by me, but Jesus, take the wheel! Did he just try to play innocent after what we had done to each other in that room for the past twenty minutes? To be in a hotel bed with a hot, young, naked musician and not get any coitus had to be a chief violation of the cougar code of cougar sex confessions.

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When I was between jobs, I took whatever freelance gigs paid the most and would keep me employed for the longest amount of time, and some of them were rough. If you enjoy group housing with strangers, sub-par working conditions, and mediocre pay, I highly recommend taking a position at any of summer theaters across the country. Some would say we do it for love. I did it for my love of eating and for paying my bills in the off-season.

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One of the worst decisions a company manager can make is housing their older, experienced employees with college-aged technicians still cougar sex confessions their party-all-night-screw-washing-the-dishes phase of life.

Naturally, I had assumed the tall, husky scene painter who moved onto my floor was another one of the same. His hair was unkempt, and he always dressed in an odd variety of thrift store rejects or completely covered in paint. So, why was I in the woods with his hand down the front of my pants? Good question. Well, it turned out he did own some real clothes. And he cleaned up pretty nicely. He was very charming when he wanted to be. I liked his sense of humor. It was a terrible summer all-around and I thought a brief, illicit fling might elevate my mood.

They will whisper sweet nothings in your one ear, and say you got a free ride to college in the other. I was seriously deep down in the sunken place. This internal conflict of his engendered an uncontrollable lust for my body equally as strong as his general contempt for my existence. Honestly, he was just the worst.

Once he was done with me he made a failed attempt to hook-up with the other younger black woman on staff even though all of our rooms were right next to each other on the same floor! Halfway through my contract, I was offered a permanent, full-time position back in my hometown, which I enthusiastically accepted.

I was so grateful to get out of that dreadful place that I promised to disavow all cougars and any minor association I might have ever held with them. I was entirely done with their bullshit. About a year ago, I met another gentleman in his mid-twenties who approached me on the street. I ask him how old he thought I was; he guessed somewhere in my late thirties. I was Then I had to set him straight on a few things:. I had a few more encounters with young men which involved more sexual activity but cougar sex confessions less confusion or disappointment.

So much for the theory that men in their twenties would do anything for sex. They made me feel desirable yet untouchable, entreated, and then pushed away. Two things were simultaneously possible down there and everyone was hesitant to open the box. Those old geezers better get their Viagra ready. You can also follow my ongoing preoccupation with love, the single life, and whatever else comes to mind on Facebook and Twitter. A satirical view of the single life from a Gen X black woman with no fucks left to give.

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Start a blog. in. Felicia C. Confessions of an Incompetent Cougar. The Sadistic Scene Painter When I was between jobs, I took whatever freelance gigs paid the most and would keep me employed for the longest amount of time, and some of them were rough. If I wanted casual sex, there are plenty of places I could find it. At the age of 25, you have absolutely nothing to offer me.

You have little life experience.

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