Cross dresser fetish

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The word crossdresser has evolved over the years to include a wide spectrum of individuals. Just to site a few of the most common; there are those that dress to emulate their genetic female counterparts head to toe and will either venture out en femme or just do so in the privacy of their own home. Others have a deep connection to their femme side and live their lives primarily as a woman.

There are also those that purely dress as a fetish…. In that sense, the individual may only enjoy dressing a certain way or may only wear something very specific.

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Here is a cheat sheet of favorite items for those that are Fetish Crossdressers. In fact, many CDs start here and over time may explore more options. Since obtaining a bra and panties is so easy, it helps for those looking to explore their fetish. Many times, this will start with the individual discovering their sisters or mothers underwear drawer and trying something on.

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For those with a panty fetish, it is very easy to wear a pair of panties under your male clothes without issue so this is a fetish that can be a daily occurrence. Many CDs we speak to who solely wear panties and lingerie tell us that they simply love the feel of the materials on their skin. Stockings and High Heels — This is another common fetish and can sometimes go hand in hand with the above. Many describe the feeling of wearing a pair of heels and stockings to be exhilarating. Once again, those that dress in just stockings or pantyhose like the feeling of the material on their skin.

The draw here is all about how these materials feel against your skin, the smell and how tight and constrictive they can be. Cross dresser fetish from the femme feeling, this is also something where the person may like the feeling of being head to toe in a latex suit and the suffocating feeling of its tightness. Lingerie — Like the bra and panties above, the fetish, in this case, is usually the feeling of the soft satin, silky materials against your skin.

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See a pattern forming? Whether it be Charmeuse, silk, mesh, lace or chiffonthere truly is nothing like these incredible materials and the way they feel. Another bonus to wearing lingerie, like panties or stockings, you could wear them under your male clothes and just feel amazing all day as your little secret.

Mini Skirts — Mini skirts are often an add on to the High Heel Fetish CD since once they see how much the heels can accentuate their legs, they often will want to show that off, if even only in the bedroom. A mini skirt is the perfect companion piece.

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With the heels extending your sexy legs, the mini skirt or mini-dress can help show off your booty which can get a nice bump from the heels. Cosplay Outfits — Now when it comes to Cosplay Outfitsyou can go simple or way over the top. Starting with mini dresses as a nice simple outfit, you can expand into anything from a Dirty Cop, to a Nurse, a Sexy Maid or anything in between.

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In many cases, this is good enough, but there are those that will dress in female superhero costumes or as female Anime characters. A good example of this is the picture below of our own Dawn Gold in her Black Widow costume from the Marvel movies. Crossdressing as a fetish is very common. Over time some of these CDs realize more and more that there is a femme calling inside themselves and will go further and truly dress en femme. But for those that eventually do, it has to start somewhere, so why not as a fetish?

We want to know if you dress purely as a fetish. Was your dressing a fetish at one time and now you are totally en cross dresser fetish We want to know. Send us an at [ protected] or reach out to us on our Facebook. There are also those that purely dress as a fetish… In that sense, the individual may only enjoy dressing a certain way or may only wear something very specific.

Cross dresser fetish

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What is transvestic fetishism? We investigate the fetish for dressing in the opposite gender’s clothes