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So what are some good roleplay ideas? After that, there will be a quick list of other cool ideas. The former does their magic they can use a clock, magic words, whatever you like to to put the partner under their thrall. And the medical professional really should give the patient a good examination. Taking their temperature with their finger, perhaps? One of the better things about this roleplay idea is that the costumes for it are fairly easy to find.

You can get your hands on a sexy maid outfit in just a minute or two of online browsing. You can get the maid to clean a room for minutes on end, making her bend over, kneel down, and all that good stuff. The servant, on the other hand, can do some heavy lifting or tiresome services, working up a sweat and getting them nice and glistening.

The anticipation of the wild, searing-hot hookup with a complete stranger is by far the best part of this roleplay idea. This can be a very erotic, dirty roleplay list experience. One of you can be the graceful muse, and the other can make a tribute to their physical form. And even if you have the drawing skills of that hates drawing, this activity will work pretty well all the same. Have you ever tried or thought about trying car sex? What about public sex? With some taxi driver roleplay, you can get the best of both.

Your usual fare soon turns into a spontaneous romp with this perfect stranger. Another classic among sexy roleplay ideas.

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You may have to cough up a buck or two for the costumes and props handcuffs, batons, etc. The kink and illegality of it are what make this roleplay especially appealing.

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Well, for one, you can let your imagination go absolutely wild. From stereotypical bubble-headed green aliens to be tentacled beasts dirty roleplay list out of hentai, the options are endless, depending on how far your imagination is ready to take it. Secondly, alien play lets you make use of some wonderfully weird toys.

This idea gives you the opportunity to be as silly or sensual as you want. You can get freaky with anyone from Black Widow to Sherlock Holmes, pipe and deerstalker included. Naturally, dressing up will be a major factor here, though not a complete necessity. Some costumes are easier to pull off than others, though: for example, simply put on a suave suit and bam! But be ready for wigs, tights, makeup, and all sorts of wild accessories. And both participants can impersonate different celebrities for a spicy or hilarious duet for the ages? Dildos or anuses can have their fun here, too.

No matter the setting, the key is in how you incorporate the game into your lovemaking.

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So what are some good roleplay ideas here? For example, you can do strip poker: for every round, the loser or winner takes off a piece of clothing. The winner of each hand can request sexual favors instead. You can even get creative and as sexy actions to some cards queen means giving head or jack means jacking off, for example. The beauty of this one, besides the taboo, is that it can easily work both ways. Either a male or a female can be the teacherand the same applies to the student role. This one is very similar to the hypnotist roleplay in that one of the participants has no will of their own.

The key difference is that the one sleeping or passed out cannot move. Instead, the one awake can use them as they please. Few things are as intimate and sensual as a massage. Of course, you can and should add the stranger dynamic to the whole thing. It makes the breaking of social and professional conduct when the masseuse or masseur goes too far all the more delicious.

A secret relationship is one of the hottest kinds out there. Love can be hidden from all sorts of people for a wide variety of reasons. Whichever scene you cook up, the gimmick in dirty roleplay list roleplay is silence. No one must know of your presence or your passionate embrace. As such, you have to be as quiet as possible. Moans muffled and orgasms on the down-low, you have to be as silent as a mouse. This is a great way to let someone else take charge, but not in an aggressive way.

But, surprisingly enough, this roleplay can even have a therapeutic effect. You see, some people had bad or embarrassing experiences losing their virginity. This kind of situation calls for a very classy atmosphere. Rent out a room at a swanky hotel and dress up in your finest gala outfits. Go wining and dining and dirty roleplay list out all the fancy stops. Just as an added bonus for you reading up to this point, here are 43 more roleplay ideas to explore.

Getting pulled over sucks, but you might have to suck harder than ever before to get out of this situation. This boss has had enough of their employee slacking off and always showing up late. Forbidden fruit is always the tastiest, and what better morsel is there than the sibling? One of you is a rock god in the prime of their career.

The other an adoring groupie ready to do anything to make them happy. A great opportunity to blast some of your favorite tracks while fucking. The world as we know it is falling apart around us. For you, wild and sloppy fucking is just a day at the office.

This is one of the simpler roleplay ideas, and you can even order a pizza for after you have sex. If you have access to a pool, you can use it for a wonderfully teasing pool boy roleplay. You can just sit back and bask in the sun half naked while the pool boy steals lustful glances until you beckon to him. You can get stretched in more ways than one. So instead of paying them with cash, you can show your appreciation in other ways.

To fuck like a couple of animals, you have to get real primal. You can dress as flamboyantly as you want, while the obedient servant wears lowly rags. If you have a thing for costumes and makeup, you can disguise yourself as dirty roleplay list robot. As a machine, you can either be a docile, clumsy lover or a ruthless fucking machine. So what will you do to make things right?

You can speak different languages and communicate in other, more creative ways. Another one of the classic sexual fantasies. Few professions are as hot pun not intended as a firefighter. The eternal battle between the jock and the nerd boils to an explosive night of passionate lovemaking, either by the nerd overcoming the jock with fancy gadgets or the jock physically overpowering the nerd.

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Either the burglar takes over or the homeowner turns the tables in their favor. The mile-high club is an achievement few can brag about. Being in the sky for so much, pilots and flight attendants must at least sometimes feel tempted to this scandalous society. One of you plays the jaded, disillusioned spouse that comes back home before their ificant other, while the other plays the hot, young, and bored nanny. The opportunity is just too good to pass up. Cheating is one of the biggest taboos in a relationship. One of you can play a much older person that hooks up with a fiery youngster eager for a taboo ride.

You spend so much time in the gym together, all sweaty and tight.

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40 Erotic Role Play Ideas That'll Totally Spice Up Your Sex Life