Erotic spanking positions

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Pingback: Referrals! You can see those posts at: NOTICE: Any comments concerning posts in that blog must be made in this current blog, as the older one is no longer reviewed and is inaccessible for erotic spanking positions. This question also involves, however, just why is a girl being spanked? The main concern with my site has always been to administer an effective discipline spanking.

I administer real and authentic spankings as though the girl is being spanked by her dad at home. And, when she is, there is no warm-up—her dad gets right to the bare bottom and proceeds to spank the girl by hand or with a paddle or strap of some kind. Crying is an important part of being spanked for discipline. If I am really wanting to punish a girl, I will spank her until she cries convulsively. After convulsive crying, the girl will be very hyper-obedient.

I found this with Nancy, who I controlled and spanked for a period of about 2 years. When I spanked her hard until she cried convulsively, when I finished she would jump immediately to obey anything I or her mom, Karen, told her to do. Of course, as shown below, her bottom would be very red and bruised and she literally had a hard time sitting for several days. And that was intended since many of her spankings were for not getting her schoolwork done properly, and this way she would have to sit in class on a very sore bottom.

If I wanted to make her cry convulsively, I would frequently make her assume the position shown above, with her bending over and keeping her hands flat on the wall. This was important so that if she moved her hands from the wall it would be obvious and I would have to spank her about an hour later with a Disobedience Spanking.

Further, to make her cry convulsively I would have to whip her for 20 minutes or more. By making her hold the position shown above, I erotic spanking positions take my time whipping her and could administer very hard strokes. For any Disobedience Spanking, she would have to be in the same position as I used a strap on her for 10 minutes and then a paddle for another 10 minute. Normally after these punishment sessions, she would be hyper-obedient for at least a week or two, and very obedient for the next month. So, what are the most effective spanking positions?

If a bottom is not at least red, as shown below, then the girl has not been spanked enough. However, some girls bruise easily and some do not. But, if a girl is being punished, she should probably show a lot of bruising, as seen above.

One time I spanked a girl, a housewife, from a small town north of Columbus, Ohio, and when I finished with her, she was very well-bruised … including my hand print well placed on her bottom. So bruising is not only alright, it is expected, and a of a well-spanked girl! Why all of the various positions? Well, for one thing it keeps the spanking from becoming boring! If a girl is always spanked in the same position with the same routine, after awhile the spankings will not be effective since she knows what is coming and will prepare for it.

Does the disciplinarian say certain things that will elicit a response from the girl for which she will have to be spanked? Does the girl make up things just erotic spanking positions get spanked? Although there is nothing to say that a Just-Because Spanking cannot be hard that in a crying girl who has been disciplined and punished.

In this position, I can just sit on the sofa and use a strap or paddle to spank her with ease for as long as I want. This is very effective for a girl who is insolent or continuously disobedient to give her a good attitude adjustment! One routine spanking that I do administer, and that is continuously effective, is the After-School Disciplinary Spanking. The reason that it is always effective is that it precedes sending the girl to her room to study, so that it doubles as a Preemptive-Academic Spanking.

Whether the girl is dressed, as above, or naked just depends on what you want to do with her later. With Nancy I always had her naked since when I sent her to her room afterwards to study, she would be ready when I entered to evaluate her work.

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As I entered, she would have to get up and bend over her study desk and wait as I reviewed her work. Frequently there was something that she had not done and would have to be spanked. Being naked, she was ready for my belt. The Murgha position shown above is not used much in the U. And, when it is used there, the girls are not naked, and further, just the position is used for punishment. The girls are not normally spanked in this position. However, I strongly disagree! This is an excellent position to have the girl assume as it presents her bare bottom fully exposed and ready to be spanked. Also, it is easy to see if she resits by getting out of position.

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This position, done properly, requires the girl to reach through her legs and hold onto her ears. So if she releases her ears or, of all things, actually stands up, it is very apparent and she will have to be given a Disobedience Spanking later. Actually, since most girls will not be able to hold the position during a spanking of more than about 2 or 3 minutes, I may have her assume that position for a 5-minute spanking knowing that she will be out-of-position at some point and I will have to give her a Disobedience Spanking an hour later!

And, the spanking must be hard, if one is serious about giving a spanking. A Spanking is Not a Wrestling Match! I believe in administering spankings to girls who can be helped. Often we see where the disciplinarian is fighting just to keep the girl over his knee.

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A girl may resist, but when most of the action is keeping her in position, then the effectiveness of the spanking is questionable. If she is going to resist a lot, then bind her in position so she cannot move her bottom!

As shown below, I had to bind Clarice in position so that I could paddle and whip her properly! I am appalled by some of the brutality that is shown on various sites, but, apparently, there are viewers who enjoy watching a girl being brutalized.

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I am not into the brutalization of a girl, but in giving her a very hard and long spanking. As seen above, when you are trained here, you will be spanked in a very compassionate and yet firm manner. To apply for our program, click the banner below to go to the blog post that will let you know what we do and how to apply. As seen below, all spankings are very domestic! I hope that you enjoy all of the photos, and will inquire about a spanking-discipline training program for yourself.

Erotic spanking positions

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