Female domination ideas

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A few dominant sex positionsto be exact, and the more amped-up, the better. Dominant sex positions sound a lot more intimidating than they are. Hear me out! Either way, forget those tropes and replace them with the idea that dominance can be fun. Very fun. And sexy as hell, too.

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Either way, it pays to know a little something-something about dominant moves. With that, read on for 10 dominant sex positions that will make you rethink your missionary ways. And trust me, the pleasure is all mine. Craving ultra-deep penetration?

This extra-dominant take on doggy style requires the penetrating partner to enter from above. Love this position but want to take charge with toys? Have the submissive partner get in formation and make them feel better than ever before with the new Le Wand Contour Stainless Steel Wand.

It can be heated or cooled for temperature play, and the weight of the wand itself is enough to make your partner moan. Another great way to take control of your sex life is with this squatting cowgirl position. Squatting as opposed to kneeling over your partner puts you at a better angle to bounce around, while also controlling the depth.

If you and your partner are feeling especially athletic, consider female domination ideas up-against-the-wall move. For the most orgasmic —and to not female domination ideas exhausted after, real talk—use a wall as leverage. Pressing your partner against the wall while thrusting up into them will make for a Hollywood sex scene IRL. Remember trust falls back in elementary school? Consider this the kinkier, more grown-up version. Your partner will have to put total trust into you as you go at it with their wrists bound from behind.

To heat things up a notch, add a blindfold, like the Slip Silk Sleep Maskinto the mix. If your partner is gymnast-level flexible, allow me to introduce you to a mind-blowing move guaranteed to spice up your sex life. Standing tall, have your partner bend into a backbend as you grip their legs. As you take control of the movement your partner will explode, thanks to every muscle in their body being flexed in an attempt to stay upright in their backbend.

Sex that doubles as a workout sesh? Simply lay your partner down and hop on for a wild ride. Unlike crouching downstroke, sitting cowgirl is more about back-and-forth movement that ensures penetration and clitoral stimulation are both achieved. With this bolstered move you can let your babe lay down and relax as you make their fantasies come true. Simply place a bolster pillow under their pelvis as you enter from behind—not all dominant sex positions are ultra-complicated, folks!

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The added pressure from the front will help ensure you hit the sweet spot. To amp it up a notch from the typical kneeling format, stand above your partner for extra angle play.

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Ready to be dominating or dominated AF? The divide-and-conquer pose has you kneeling above your partner as you spread their legs and control the speed and angle of penetration. This also gives them to option to engage in some clit play. If your partner prefers toys to manual clitoral stimulation, consider adding the Lelo Sona Cruise Black to your sex toy arsenal. It features eight pleasure settings to mimic oral anytime, anywhere.

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Just a few strands hurts more than a fistful, so be generous with your grip! Oh, and one last thing.

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Remember: Whenever dominance is the goaltrust should always be the basis. With that, enjoy!

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Female domination ideas

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