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Haven is 24, based out of Orlando, Florida, and supports herself by monetizing her talent for financial domination, a BDSM fetish-based relationship in which women financially dominate men for profit. Financial domination takes many forms. Some men get turned on by giving a dominatrix money, some men want to be insulted while masturbating during a live web camming session with a dominatrix, and some men want to send gifts and be ignored.

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Many of these interactions are technology-based—phone, texting, s, Skype. Once upon a time, Haven was a go-go dancer. Then she started camming—conducting live webcam sessions for paying clients. Some men do financial domination—straight, gay, posting findom profile of their abs or dick pics to social media to attract willing pay pigs—but far more women are financially dominating men.

Sometimes we have to sit there and watch them jack off, while we take their money. Perhaps the most extreme version of financial domination requires TeamViewer, a software package that enables remote viewing of a computer. The client surrenders his passwords to the financial dominatrix, and she takes command of his computer.

She drains his s as he watches. One financial submissive bought video clips from her and exchanged messages with her online. He was a vice president at a bank. He talked about his life and stuff. I like to act interested—because it makes more money, obviously. According to Haven, she deserves what she gets.

They tend to have a very stable job. They work for the government, or they work in an office—a steady job with a steady paycheck. Is financial domination about sex or money? That power could be a whip or that power could be money. A long time ago, before financial domination was a thing, Indiana worked the phones at an escort business. Her extensive repertoire includes financial domination. Nowadays, competition is growing.

On social media, findom profile women are angling to get what seems like easy money. A newbie might set up an on Twitter or Instagram, start posting sexy selfies, and hashtag away: findom, paypigs, tribute, walletrape.

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But findom is hard work. Some financial dominatrixes are full-time, but not most. Not all pay pigs are committed or financially faithful.

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It turned out he was doing the same thing with five other women. Mistress Mara Julianne is Inshe started working at a local dungeon.

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In order to support herself as a full-time dominatrix, she meets a variety of fetishistic needs. Of course, she does financial domination. Depending on what a financial submissive wants, she issues orders.

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Recently, they met in person for the first time. Most of the girls that try it drop out within two weeks to two months. You have to market yourself. In financial domination, some women of color get low-balled by their mostly-white clientele and some leverage their race to increase their revenue. Mistress Mara targets a niche. The session will end.

But I give percent every single time. The Hustle of Financial Domination. Issue No. Try our new streaming service for free.

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No algorithms. Haven with high-end deer bags given to by clients. Aside from her long Amazon wish list where clients go to buy Haven items, she also receives giftcards from Airbnb, airlines, American Express and other brands. Share this story. Topic Entertainment. Our Brands.

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What is findom? A submissive man explains the fetish