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Not to be confused with a sex-worker, this Person receives cash from a money slave because they both enjoy the fetish Financial Domination. The two may never meet in real life.

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History: The findomme came from the submissives who served the original Financial Dominatrices in findomme 's in the yahoo chat rooms, as a shorter way to type the words Financial Dominatrix. Domme and Domina are short forms of the word Dominatrix. Jul 24 Word of the Day. A confident and dominant women who controls men by allowing them to spoil and make tributes for their dommes attention or for her pleasure.

The men takes pleasure in getting attenrion from those who they worship and admire. A gorgeous sexy lady that takes over men's finances. There is a lot of control involved.

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Princess Lidia is an amazing findommeshe's drained most of my savings and every pay check gets deposited into her bankcheck her out at PrincessLidia. Jul 24 trending 1. Watermelon Sugar 2. Ghetto Spread 3.

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Financial domination