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The latest social media trend is hitting Kansas. They post pictures online, which only a select few followers can see. We also hear from a mom who finds out exactly what Finsta is while her daughter explains. Life for just about any teen revolves around that cell phone, and social media. She says Finsta is the latest social media trend. Finsta stands for fake Instagram, and the s are almost always private. As Aryonna explains Finsta to us, her mom Brandi Long hears the details for the first time. One year-old Wichita high-school senior agreed to share her Finsta with us, on the condition that we hide her identity.

We've also altered her voice in the video. Like I'd be out on the street," she said. Obviously, it's a Finsta. So yeah, I mean it's pretty scandalous," she said. As she scrolls through her feed, there's photos of drinking, marijuana, and nude photos. We asked the annonymous teen, why highschoolers finsta nudes feeling compelled to post those types of pictures. I think teenagers like to show off, be like this is what I did this weekend, look at all this weed.

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I mean everyone buys into that a little bit," she said. Highschoolers say another reason for Finsta - parents are on Facebook and even Instagram, and there's too many followers on Snapchat to post freely. Finsta nudes the anonymous teen and Aryonna say they just heard of Finsta this year, but it's quickly become very popular. It's not just one type of teen, who has a Finsta. The annonymous teen has a 3. Here's how you can tell if your teen has a Finsta. Next to their user name at the top of the screen, there will be a drop down arrow that shows there's another.

You can also look through your kid's followers - they typically, also follow their own s. Aryonna doesn't have one, but it's something that has her mom worried. And it scares you as a parent for sure. Her concern is who's taking a screen shot and whether a deleted photo means it's really gone. We asked the annoymous teen if she's worried the photos will show up at some point in the future. But you never know. So maybe I should be worried about it," she said with a laugh.

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As for Brandi, she says she's close with her daughter and they talk about social media. Her advice for other parents?

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Several teens also say a lot of kids in middle school also have Finsta s, but the content is typically more PG, with more silly photos and memes. Back To School. Don't Fall For It. Links We Mentioned. Gray DC Bureau. Catch It Kansas. Always on Storm Team Storm Chaser Radar Map. Top Of The Class. Salute the Badge. Military Greetings. Meet the Team. Programming Guides.

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Antenna TV. Start TV. Investigate TV. Submit Your Photos and Videos. Teens live digital double lives on 'Finsta,' or fake Instagram. By Deedee Sun. Published: May. Share on Facebook. This Link.

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Finsta nudes

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