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I will highlight the first two periods of the forecast e. I tell FB to populate all grids, and then move the FB window out of the way of editing. Each time I save only the grids I have just edited and leave the rest as not saved. After all grids are saved, I then use the FB window to either tell it to rerun Diurnal or not depending on the situation the error occurs both ways.

FB then crashes before doing anything else with the black banner: "Error running Forecast Builder".

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After this error, I can rerun FB, usually starting at step 3, and all is well. I appreciate any help that can be provided. Error in procedure ForecastBuilderjep. JepException: jep. The ForecastBuilderGUI information used in the utility is basically wiped out by the new tool and in the error you see and ForecastBuilder crashing.

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The LimitValues tool does use the ProcessVariableList utility and so does the Diurnal Procedure, but there is not much need to call the Diurnal procedure since that option is built into ForecastBuilder. Unfortunately there is not much way around this issue without a rede of the ForecastBuilder GUIs that does not require the use of the ProcessVariable utility. Forums Home Recent Posts Statistics. Search Search.

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Chad Swain, modified 3 Years ago. Below is the text of the information in the banner. Caused by: jep. Error running procedure ForecastBuilderjep.

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Eric Wise, modified 3 Years ago. Thanks Eric!

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I will start keeping track of the tools I use when editing to see which is the problem.

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