Girlfriend wrestles boyfriend

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Now we would usually wrestle for fun but I'd always let her win. I think she took pride in winning but whenever I told her I wasn't going serious, she would say "yeah right". But if it made her happy it wasn't an issue. Now I'm not a big guy. I'm about 5"10 and lbs. I'm skinny fat basically. I occasionally lift weights so I'm pretty strong. She's 5"11 and lbs. She plays Volleyball for our college at a competitive level, so she's an athlete.

Well the other day she initiated another wrestle and I let her win, until she said "ok let's see what you got". I wasn't sure what she girlfriend wrestles boyfriend so I asked her and she asked me to go serious. So we wrestled and I pinned her rather quickly.

She tried to break free but couldn't. I could tell she was a bit shaken so she asked to go again, and we went again but i got her in a headlock. I didn't squeeze too hard, but just enough to hold her and she tapped.

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We went a third time and i pinned her. At that point she seemed confused and things got a bit awkward. She then told me she never knew I was serious when I said I wasn't really trying. Since then, her mood has been lower.

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She's usually bubbly but this time I noticed she was low and a bit mopey. What do I do here?? Her athleticism gave her a sense of security that she could protect herself. You shattered that belief rather quickly. Give her time to process it, don't force the conversation, and when she wants to talk about it just do your best to listen. It sucks to spend years and years learning to be strong, fast, and an athlete.

I did bodybuilding before an injury for years, and felt confident in my strength. First GF cried when she realized I had twice her upper body strength. It was a source of pride for me and I felt like I could at least fight back if I was ever in a compromised situation. If a man decided to hurt me, I may not be able to escape. I agree with this post. I know I run alone and I know I will only have one shot to punch, kick, taze or shoot. You will never win your goal is to survive. Maybe if she took a self defense course she would get her confidence back at least.

Being under no illusions as to your physical capabilities seems like a really positive thing from a safety standpoint. My gf is a butch lesbian and in hella good shape. She said it really shook her for a few months and made her look at men differently. She never worried about unlit parking lots, men following her for a few more blocks than would seem probable under normal circumstances, etc but now she does. Whatever you do just make sure you both wash your hands or use purell afterwards.

I'm not quite 5'11 but I am a tall athletic girl who does a lot of sport and I've always been told I'm strong. I had girlfriend wrestles boyfriend similar experience recently where my boyfriend was tickling me and I couldn't get away. It was a big knock to my confidence and that's very likely what your girlfriend is feeling. This is good advice, let her come to you about it if she needs to.

Understandable, I went through something similar. I was pretty athletic in college and thought I was pretty tough girlfriend wrestles boyfriend when my skinny beanpole 14 year old brother beat me in a challenge, it made me feel pretty vulnerable. I think her reaction is somewhat natural.

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She works out and is in shape and probably felt she could physically take care of herself. While just a silly game of wrestling, this has changed her view of how she fits in the world. Giver her some time to process. This was me day one of jiu jitsu. Yep, you wrote my response for me.

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She's likely quite shaken in her sense of security and it's completely rattled her. It can be frustrating that sometimes there are biological differences you can't overcome. My girlfriend is very upset since I won against her in wrestling? I 21M met her 20F 6 months ago. We go to the same college. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Yes I would feel the same as a woman. Need help with your relationship? Whether it's romance, friendship, family, co-workers, or basic human interaction: we're here to help! Created Jun 14, Top posts march 12th Top posts of march, Top posts Back to Top.

Girlfriend wrestles boyfriend

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My girlfriend is very upset since I won against her in wrestling ?