Guys snapchat

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Last Updated: May 19, References. This article has been viewed 56, times. Snapchat is a fun way to keep up with your friends, but it's also a great place to flirt with your crush. Snapchat's filters make it easy to look cute in every picture, and you can easily show off every cool thing you do, which is sure to impress everyone. If you have a special guy in mind, there are a lot of ways you can make him notice you. If so, wear a flattering guys snapchat to catch his eye. Pick a color that you like best, or go with a classic red.

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Related Articles. Method 1 of All rights reserved. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. Be yourself instead of trying to be his perfect girl.

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When you want to impress a guy, you might feel like you have to dress up or go out of your way to seem cool. However, the right guy for you will be interested in the real you. Take photos as you are so your crush gets to know you. Go ahead and snap yourself in sweats!

If you like wearing guys snapchat, be careful how you apply it. However, keep the makeup on your cheeks and lips subtle so your eyes really shine. However, highlighting your eyes typically makes your face look more alluring in selfies.

Play around with filters to enhance your photos.

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Photos guys snapchat you are great, but your snaps might get boring if you only post yourself. Method 2 of You probably want your crush to see how amazing and cool you are, and your story is the place to do it. Think about all of the things you want your crush to know about you. Then, slowly incorporate this list into your snap stories.

Add a flirty caption to a cute selfie. A flirty caption might help him think of you as more than just a friend. Just keep in mind that it may get attention from more than just your crush. Get his attention with an inside joke or follow-up to a conversation. Use an inside joke that guys snapchat share or play off the last conversation you had with him.

Take a photo or write a caption that includes a hint just for him. You might snap yourself mid-shrug. If your last conversation was about the newest superhero movie, you might snap your reaction to the movie or a pic of you wearing a shirt that features your favorite superhero.

Snap yourself with something you know your crush your likes. Your crush might be impressed if they see you have things in common. Learn more about your crushes interests. Then, incorporate them into your Snapchat stories. Here are some ideas: [10] X Research source Take a photo of yourself with your dog if your crush has a dog. Snap yourself at a sporting event you know they like. Show off your musical instrument if they like music. Show off your talents to impress him. You likely have a lot of great skills that should impress any guy.

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Make sure your crush sees how amazing you are by snapping yourself doing what you do best. Include things like the following: [11] X Research source The meal you just made. A post-workout selfie. A yoga pose or your yoga mat. A top score on a school asment. The instrument you play. Your dance shoes.

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Something you made or built. Method 3 of Limit yourself to sending him 1 snap at a time. Wait for him to reply to a snap before you send another one.

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You may be tempted to send him your story directly to make sure he saw it. Show off your personality instead of trying to be sexy. Instead, give him a peek into your private life and leave him wanting more. Include a caption or text to let him know the snap was just for him. Even though you sent the snap through direct message DMhe might assume you sent it to multiple friends, especially if you have a circle of mutual friends.

Use the creative tools to draw on or add stickers to the snap. From there, you can choose to draw on your picture. You can also add snap stickers. Play with these features to make your snaps feel more special. Alternatively, you might use funny stickers to make him laugh. Method 4 of Use private message to send videos, pictures, and short comments. Once you've exchanged a few private snaps, guys snapchat your game by sending him a video, asking him a question, or giving a short comment.

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If he responds, keep the conversation going by asking follow-up questions and answering any questions he might have. You might send a comment without a picture if you want to ask a question or want to continue a conversation that started with an exchange of snaps. There may be times when you just don't know what to say, especially if you really like this guy. To make things easier, go to the "Discover" section and look for an article that you know will interest him. It could be related to something he's studied at school or an interest he has. Click the button to send him the article with a guys snapchat comment telling him why.

Hopefully, he'll respond back.

Guys snapchat

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