Hacked naked snapchat

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The images were stolen from Snapchat users who had also used a third-party website called SnapSaved. To do this, users had to give SnapSaved. This let SnapSaved. It was SnapSaved. The developers of Snapchat strongly advise its users not to use third-party websites and apps with the Snapchat app as this can have a negative impact on the security of users.

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Unfortunately, with the hack of SnapSaved. Images and videos shared via Snapchat disappear after a set time period. Obviously the hacking and sharing of these images and videos is worrying. However it would appear that this has not happened, making it much more difficult to connect the images and videos posted with individual users.

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If you have shared a naked pic or video and someone is threatening you, or you shared it because someone pressured or forced you, it is never too late to get help. CEOP will be able to help to make it stop. The full news story on the Snapchat photo hack on The Independent news website.

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How did this happen? What is SnapSaved. Who has been affected? Snapchat users who ed up to SnapSaved.

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Is it true that there is a searchable database of the hacked pics and videos? Report the image to the sites where they have been shared.

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Find out how to report to some popular sites here. Talk to a counsellor at ChildLine on or at www. ChildLine can also help you if there are naked or sexual images of you online. If you report this to them they will work with the Internet Watch Foundation to get the images taken down.

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If you think you are in immediate danger call Contact ChildLine on or online at www. Top of Skip .

Hacked naked snapchat

email: [email protected] - phone:(569) 796-2506 x 6535

Man paid hacker to get nude photos from UCF student's Snapchat , police say