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Names are evocative, and some names are more likely than others to make us think of attractive, sultry, or seductive women. Multiple websites, magazines, and social channels have surveyed readers and asked what names they think meet those criteria. Having read some of the hormone-fueled frat-boy comments about these names, they may be the ones to avoid! English singer-songwriter Adele found fame with a song she wrote when she was only As well as being a fossilized tree resin, amber is a color, an eastern Indonesian language, and a type of ale brewed with amber malt and crystal malt.

An aria is a musical piece written for a single voice and is usually written as part of an opera. It is customarily accompanied by music but sometimes is written to be performed without. The gender-neutral name Ashley was first recorded in England in the 16th century, although it was probably in occasional use before then in England, Germany, and France.

The spelling Ashleigh is usually used for girls in Europe. There are currentlypeople in the US who were registered at birth as Becky andRebeccas. However, in the US Blair, and Blaire were predominantly female, having overtaken the male Blair in In Irish mythology, Bridget, traditionally Brigid, was the daughter of Dagda, a god associated with fertility, manliness, and strength, as well as wisdom and magic. Bridget is the goddess of healing, wisdom, poetry, and protection.

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Singer, model, and professional wrestler Ariane Nicole Andrew is most well known for her time with the WWE, where she was better known by her ring name Cameron. Andrew also appeared in the reality TV show, Total Divas. In the English-speaking world, Camille is seen as a feminine name, but in France, where it originated, it is used for both girls and boys.

For example, inCamille ranked as the 22 name for girls and the 64 name for boys. Candace, or to use the original, Meroitic form Kandake, was the term for the sister of the King of Kush. There is also a constellation in the southern sky with the name Carina.

In this case, Carina is the Latin word for keel as this constellation was the keel of the ship of Jason and the Argonauts. The most popular year for Claire in the US was Neither the original Greek name, Kore or the Latinized form, Cora were used in the English-speaking world untilwhen The Last of the Mohicans was published.

Author James Fenimore Cooper used the name for one of his characters. It could also be from the French place name Courtenay which comes from the Latin curtis, meaning short. After all, Desiree has desire written into it. Devon could come from the English county Devon or be an evolution of Devin. She was named Princess Amelia Sophia Eleanor of Great Britain, hot girl name and number the public called her Emily, despite it having no connection to her actual name. Emery was the Norman French form of Emmerich, an Ancient Germanic name where the ric element means ruler.

The first part of the name could mean universal, work, or home.

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Emma began as a nickname for girls with Germanic names that have the Emma sound, making it a relative of Emerson. This Swedish name is the feminine form of Eric and was first used in the 18th-century.

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In Norse Mythology, Freya is the goddess of war and death and, conversely, love and beauty. Fleur Ezekiel is an Indian model and is best known in the world of beauty ants and modeling as the first Miss World contestant to represent India. Ezekiel participated in the competition in Although Georgia and Georgina have been used in the English and French-speaking world for centuries, today, most people who hear of a girl called Georgia will assume she is named after the US state.

In Christian theology, grace is defined as the unmerited mercy God showed to humanity when he sent his son Jesus to Earth. The word was adopted as a name by 17th-century Puritans who adopted a variety hot girl name and number names. Nominated again in for Camille and for Ninotchka, she was given an honorary Oscar in To each their own. There are also Halies and 13 Heyleys, so you can expect to have this name misspelled at least once in a while. Holly is usually seen as a name for Christmas time which makes it a good companion name for Natalie, Natasha, and Noel.

Not so sexy. Jenna is an evolution of Jenny. Most people assume that Jenny began as a nickname for Jennifer, but it is actually a medieval pet name for Jane, which is where the meaning comes from. Jennifer has only seen common usage outside of the English county of Cornwall since the early 20th-century. The English name Jessie is a variant of the Hebrew Jesse which probably means gift. Another form of Jessie is the Scottish nickname for girls named Jean, which itself is from Jane.

Jolene combines Jo with the suffix lene and then evolved into a name on its own. The Jo could have been short for Josephine or Joanne, or any other Jo name, so the meaning of Jolene cannot be established. Jordan was first used as a forename by knights who brought the name of the River Jordan home with them from the Crusades, along with water from the river with which to perform baptisms. Kayla is another one of those names that began as a shortening of multiple names with a cutesy suffix.

Kelly is a gender-neutral name that was predominantly seen as a name for boys in the US untilwhen it became more popular for girls. In turn, Kimball comes from the Ancient Welsh name Cynbel, which is where the meaning comes from. Larisa is a castle or citadel hot girl name and number the Greek city of Argos, one of the longest continuously inhabited cities in the world. It has grown steadily in popularity reaching 24 in the charts in with new Laylas. Movie producer Liza Chasin has been in the film industry since Von Bardas is a supervillain who becomes a deformed cyborg.

In her last appearance, Von Bar was more human-looking with only a cybernetic eye. Madison was an English surname that became a forename after the movie Splash. This surname rarely made the jump to forename until the s US TV series Family Ties featured a character with Mallory as her first name.

According to the website Forebears, Maria is the one, most common name in the world 1. It is also the most common name in multiple countries, including Italy, Spain, and Austria. While Marianne is an affectionate nickname for girls called Marie in France, in other regions of the world, it is considered a combination of Maries and Anne. As a combination of Marie, which is ultimately Mary, and Luisa, which is ultimately Louis, the definition of Marissa is complex.

Melinda evolved from a nickname for girls whose name began with the sound Mel. Because the Christian Saint, Micheal is said to protect soldiers. Other medieval diminutives of Mary include Malle and Molle, but only Molly went on to become a forename in its own right. Before Natalia was barely used in the US. Naomi is also a gender-neutral Japanese name. The pronunciation of Nicole in the English language is fairly standard wherever you are in the world.

Although Shakespeare used Olivia in Twelfth Night, records show it was around in multiple forms as early as the 13th-century.

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It could be related to the Latin oliva, meaning olive, or it could be a feminine form of Oliver, meaning elf warrior. In Middle English, Paige was the surname given to servants, who were often boys. The name evolved through Italian and Old French from the Greek word paidion, which means little boy. Ramona was popularized by the novel of the same name by Helen Hunt Jackson. This is the French form of the Ancient Greek name Roxana. Roxana was a Sogdian or Bactrian princess who married Alexander the Great.

The Riley crater can be found on Venus that appears to be shallow because of its vast mile diameter. Samantha began as Samuel with the Greek suffix antha added. In the Old Testament, Sarah is the wife of Abraham, who is unable to have children. Then, at the age of 90, she becomes pregnant and gives birth to Issac. There are currently 21, female Sashas in the US and male Sashas. Wisley took her stage name from the family film Savannah Smiles which she said was her favorite movie.

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