Hottest emo guys

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Top definition. Jul 24 Word of the Day. Emo Boys. Are the nicest dudes you will ever meet.

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Yes, they are tapped into their emotions. And no, they don't cry in corners and slit their wrists. And are not gay. And they actually care about other peoples emotions. These stupid little ideas that people are product of a sick society that wants every one to wear Abercrombie and be perfect. They seriously are, the coolest people you could ever meet and they probally have alot more fun than you stupid conformists do.

They make life interesting by not blending in. And thank god that they don't blend in. The world could use more guys that are emotional. And I mean, it'd be great. Because emo guys don't just think about sex. They actually care about how you feel.

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And you know, I love them for that. Because girls deserve to have men say something sweet about them once in awhile. Instead of, "Wow, she's hot! Sonny Moore and Matt Good are gorgeous emo boys. Basically some of the world's most amazing and most unique guys you could ever get. The word Perfect would probably explain it all. They are amazing, you basically cannot describe them.

If you see what they look like or even get to KNOW them i'm pretty sure you wont be calling them 'gay' or 'faggot' again. And no you worthless human they do not all cut their wrists and go in corner's and cry. Like them or notit dosent give you a right to make fun about them.

And dont mistake them for goths because they are a complete opposite from that.

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They would most likely call you a Chav which you possibly already are. And if you're a wogstay away because people like that are way more than what you are or ever will be. Hah, i think that's enough for now but yeah xD.

Emo boys are perfection. A guy, usually between the ages ofwho listens to emo music and have many of the characteristics commonly affiliated with emo people. Many also have studded belts, and tend to like Converse or Vans shoes. Now, about their personality.

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They usually have a bit of a feminine personality, expressing feelings quite openly, and not really caring about how "tough" they are, as most average guys do. It is often stereotyped that emo boys cut themselves, but actually, most don't. Those that do, though, do NOT do it simply for attention. They do it because of actual emotional issues they're dealing with. Otherwise they're simply hottest emo guys posers.

They more often that not are very nice and respectful towards other people. However, most likely they would not be respected by many guys since upon first glance they'll think they're gay. I see this as ignorance, as in fact, most emo boys are NOT gay. Sure, some might be, but more often than not, they're either bi or just straight. Emo boys get along very well with girls for this reason, as girls not only share many of their views, but are also undeniably attracted to them.

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I myself share some of the characteristics associated with emo boys. I like emo music, have a slightly soft personality, and get along well with girls. But, unlike the bad stereotypes given to emo boys, I do not cutnor am I gay or bi. I want people to understand that emos are not all about being depressed and hating themselves. It's just an aspect of your personality that is often anti-stereotypical to an average guy's behavior.

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They both seem happy, and I'm sure the girl likes him too. I can see why. Dresses better than most girlsuses more makeup than most girls, cries more than most girls, basically, a girl but on a much bigger scale. History: Emo was originally used to describe " emotional hardcore " music that was somewhat similar to rock and often had confessional lyrics. The term "emo" was an abbreviation for "emotional hardcore"before being used to describe those who listened to that type of music. Meaning: Emo boys are skinny guys who usually wear dark colors and skinny jeans.

Their hair usually covers at least one of their eyes, and some wear eyeliner. They are usually introverted, creative, sensitive to people's feelings and mysterious. Some are just ass-fags. Not all emo boys are "fags" who cry all the time and cut their wrists. Some are bisexual because they're open-minded, but don't flatter yourself and think all LGBTs are just out there to rape you. They're just people, so of course, every one of them has their own variations and shit. Emo skaters are the hottest though. Friend: I will mentally have sex with all the emo boys I see on the street today.

Me: Amenbrotha. Jul 24 trending 1. Watermelon Sugar 2. Ghetto Spread hottest emo guys. Girls who eat carrots 4. Durk 6.

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Hottest emo guys

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