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The popularity of cuckolding and hotwifing has been on the rise in recent years. Cuckolding is when a wife or a long-term girlfriend has sex with a man who is not her hotwifecomunity, while her partner watches or is forced to watch. There is an emphasis on the humiliation or degradation of the husband here. He is submissive to the other man, called the bull, who is an alpha and superior to the husband in some hotwifecomunity. Cuckolding can also be called cucking. Wife sharing can also fall under the category of hotwifing.

So before you take actual steps to make this fantasy come to life, why not spend some time in the communities of people who have the same fantasy? Reddit is a social media network where everyone can find what they like. This includes porn and all of its subsets, of course. So it is no surprise that Reddit is chock-full of subreddits created specifically to cater to the needs of those in the cuckolding community. I have singled out some of the best ones to start browsing through to familiarize yourself with just how this world hotwifecomunity so that you have an easier time planning your own adventure.

Redditors are encouraged to post pics and videos, so you will find lo of explicit content when you hotwifecomunity into this subreddit. The best thing is that all of them are homemade and amateur because these are real people living out their fantasies just like you want to do. Unlike other subreddits on this list, happycuckold is not as regulated and not as strict with what you can or cannot post. Here you can share pics of your wives with their bulls, hotwifecomunity you can simply post a seductive picture of your girl and ask what other users would like to do to her.

Moderators mostly seem focused on discovering new and exciting subreddits regarding other pornwhich can be a good or a bad thing, depending on your preferences. Cuckoldcaptions is looking for a specific type of pic. The posts here are usually pictures made by bulls who caption them with something dirty and degrading to send to the cuckold husband and get him going. This subreddit is a place less for porn and more for seeking advice and connecting with like-minded individuals.

If you need help or want to talk something out about your cuckolding journey, here is where you should post. As the name of the subreddit suggests, this is a place for a specific kink within the cuckold community, and that is getting impregnated by the bull. The CuckoldCommunity is largely focused on looking for potential partners.

Make sure to mention your general location so that others can know whether it works for them or not.

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Yes, it is awkwardly spelled, but the picks here are juicy and enticing, hotwifecomunity there are countless of husbands, wives, and bulls looking for people to help them fulfill their fantasies. Various posts are tagged by Hotwife-Wannabe, Bull, Cuckold-Wannabe, and Couple, so that you can filter through them and maybe find a match.

You can also find an occasional video or GIF, though I have to admit that hotwifecomunity selection is a bit poor here. Other cuckold subreddits might do better in terms of porn quality. Focusing on bisexual cuckolds, this is, in theory, a great subreddit for those who enjoy hotwifecomunity only watching their wives but admiring the bulls as well.

However, the pics and the videos are obviously taken from porn sites, which greatly diminishes the thrill of real-life encounters associated with this fetish. Hotwife is the go-to subreddit for sharing photos and videos of your wife servicing other guys. The posts need to have a clear connection to the hotwife lifestyle. You can even encounter stories of real redditors meeting up and filming each other, which puts a great personal spin on the entire experience!

Here is a subreddit where you can post pictures of your wife in various positions, whether simply nude or during a sexual act. All of the pics here are original and amateur, with that special homemade flair that we all love. Hotwifetexts is meant for texts that wives send to men who are not their husband usually containing a juicy picture of some kindor texts of wives to their husbands talking about what they were up to with their bulls.

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You may find some random porn content, unfortunately, but hotwifecomunity the texts posted here are impossible not to devour all in one go. Read true s of adultery, as well as look at thrilling pictures and videos meant to seduce a person outside of the marriage.

Hotwifecomunity have to admit this one is somewhat less exciting than the hotwife subreddits. Put simply, this is a community where you have the opportunity to show off your wife or girlfriend. Post a picture of her, with her permission of course, for the redditors to see and comment on, and perhaps even masturbate to. Definitely check out the rules and guidelines before posting, since this is a highly regulated subreddit. Which coincidentally makes it of high quality at the same time.

Slutwife is where you get first row tickets to wives that are hotwifecomunity all kinds of kinky stuff. Lots of explicit images and videos for you to peruse through. HotWifeLifestyle is one of my favorite subreddits because it has a little bit of everything. It has pictures of hotwives, as well as long s of what went down between the wife and the bull, usually told by the husband. It is also a great community to seek advice from and talk about issues related to the lifestyle, if you happen to have any. Similar to WouldYouFuckMyWife, this is also a subreddit for you to post pictures of your wife either by herself or having sex with hotwifecomunity or even someone else.

An incredible selection of gorgeous ladies for you to feast your eyes on, and a welcoming and supportive community if you get the urge to post a picture of your own wife and see what others think of her. Not really related to hotwifing, hotpast is for those who like to fantasize about sexual encounters that happened before they got together with their partner. Meaning, all the sex your wife or your husband must have had before they ever met you.

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Lots of amazing stories and even some pictures of partners from times gone by. Abundant with pictures of wives and girlfriends of all ages and from all walks of life in amazingly explicit situations. Unrelated to hotwifing or cuckolding, gwcumsluts hotwifecomunity a subreddit devoted solely to pics and clips of women covered in cum. This subreddit is all about sharing pictures of your wife, but not only for getting feedback on what others think of her or would like to do to her.

This is also for meeting new people and exchanging pictures hotwifecomunity them directly. Who knows, you may even find great partners for hotwifecomunity or wife-sharing like that! There are a few gems here and there, of obviously real photos from hotwifecomunity people, but overall, the unregulated porn diminishes the quality of this subreddit. This club is, again, not hotwifecomunity in the realm of hotwives or cuckolds, but it is a fetish place that prides itself on having a couple of hundred thousand members, as well as on the fact that they are entirely judgment-free.

Aside from subreddits, here are some other websites you might want to take a look at when it comes to this type of lifestyle:. This is a great website for couples looking for other couples to have fun with. You know that Chris and I have been swinging for about two years now, and this is our favorite spot for finding like-minded people. SwingLifestyle offers you the chance to start your sexual revolution, as they proudly declare! This is a useful place to meet swingers and couples willing to spice up their sex lives.

Truly a swinger paradise. While other websites outlined in this review are mostly vanilla, as much as partner-sharing can be described as vanilla, FetLife is meant for all of you kinky souls out there. It is a social platform deed for those who enjoy BDSM as well as a wide range of fetishes. With over eight million registered members, you are sure to find a kindred spirit in this kinky heaven. You will find an abundance of resources here, from true stories about cuckolding, then hotwife and cuckolding gifs and captions, then full-on guides and advice on how to become a cuckolding couple, with plenty of reading material to get you started.

My boyfriend and I have also been newbies at some point, not even that long ago. Cuckolding and hotwifing was something we always knew we wanted to explore; however, it took us a while to finally make that first step. Before you start posting for a bull or finding a partner to satisfy your urges, there are some things you need to consider first.

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Especially if you are married or in a relationship with a strong foundation. Once these ground rules are set, follow them. No exceptions. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

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It is a chance for you two to bond over something kinky that you both love, but that is unconventional in terms of hotwifecomunity relationships. Find out where you can share stories, where you can ask for advice, where you can post. These can be any of the subreddits you hotwifecomunity here or forums and chat groups deed for these purposes. Be respectful to everyone you encounter. If someone gives you a bad vibe, cut them off or even block them. Before you find a bull to play with your wife, why not try a cuckold simulation?

There is a simple method called The Webcam Method outlined in a Cuckin. It includes finding a male cam model for your wife, then watching her masturbate in a private show with him. If you find that you are getting aroused and liking what you see, then the chances are that you will get the same thrill from watching her have sex with a real man in the same room as you.

Definitely head over to Cuckin. Finally, communication is key! All throughout this process, you must be open and honest with your partner. Unless you want to end your relationship, but that is a whole other discussion at this point. While these fetishes may sound outrageous for most, they are, in fact, quite popular and something many people engage in. I read them all. I'm Tiffany and I'm the girlfriend of Chris, we run this blog together. We are both pretty open hotwifecomunity trying new things in the bedroom and both share a love for great adult content and we are both always looking for new ways to spice things up.

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