How to find a cash pig

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An animal charity is hoping to rescue a pig which escaped from a farm and gave birth to a litter of piglets in woodland. A dog walker was surprised to discover the pig feeding her piglets as she walked through woods near Ollerton in Nottinghamshire.

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Brinsley Animal Rescue said it hoped to rehome the piglets and their mother, whom they have named Matilda. Anna Aston, the dog walker who found Matilda, said she was confused when she first came across the pigs in the woods on Monday. You just don't get them in a wood. She contacted Brinsley Animal Rescue, which offered to help and has found a prospective home for the pigs at a Midlands animal sanctuary. Jon Beresford, who runs the charity, said he would need permission from the farmer to remove the pig or it could be regarded as theft.

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He believes she has 10 piglets and has dubbed the family the "Ollerton 11" after the Tamworth Two - a pair of pigs that escaped while being unloaded from a lorry at an abattoir. The charity has set up a petition to support the rescue. Louise Smith, a volunteer for the charity, has been to check on the pigs and feed the mother.

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Send your story ideas to eastmidsnews bbc. Fugitive Tamworth pig passes away. Public pressure saves soap pigs.

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Wild boar bids to save his bacon. Brinsley Animal Rescue. They are appealing for the farmer to get in touch.

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News and stories from the East Midlands. He believes Matilda escaped to protect her piglets. Related Topics.

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Animals Brinsley Ollerton Pigs Nottingham. More on this story. Published 23 May Published 9 October Published 5 January Published 15 September Related Internet Links.

How to find a cash pig

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