How to have video chat sex

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Thanks to the novel coronavirus pandemic, pretty much everything you used to do in person—work, happy hour, doc appointments, weddings —have all moved to Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Facetime. But sex?

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That too. Katie, 29, a New York-based publicist is one of the unlucky lovebirds who has unexpectedly found herself in a LDR. ZoomSkypeand WhatsAppfor instance, all have explicit rules against nudity and sexually explicit material. Sorry to break it to ya.

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What platforms are video-sex kosher? At the time of publication, FaceTime and Telegram have no explicit rules against it. About to accept a video call? Do a gut check.

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There are no dumb questions about sex. The most common qs, plus answers, here:. Your first instinct might just be to hold the phone. But getting freaky read: orgasming over video is way easier when you have both your hands to, ahem, aid in arousal. Find a place to prop your phone up so that the lighting is in front of not behind! Put your phone in do not disturb mode and disable your Slack and notifications. So, she gets dressed up lingerie underneath, of courselights candles, cleans the apartment, breaks out a bottle of wine, and makes a fancy dinner.

Modern romance! So chances are your partner is just as new to this as you are. Finger vibrators like the Dame Fin or Unbound Palma are good options too because your partner can still see your bits—and how you like to stroke yourself—even with the toy in the frame. Oh, and take a tip from Sloane and ask if your partner has any sex toys that will really turn them off. Weight Loss.

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“How Can I Have Mind-Blowing Video-Chat Sex?”