Hung fit men

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Recently a Sun reader wrote to Dear Deidre saying his large penis was destroying his relationship. So how big is too big?

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A recent survey found the average UK penis is 6. Mine has made me confident in every aspect of life, from getting changed in the gym to impressing a new sexual partner. Everybody likes different things in the bedroom and communication is the key to a successful relationship. All these experiences really scarred me.

The best for me is on top, so I can control it.

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Now our sex life is great but we have to be hung fit men. My advice to other guys with this problem is to not be embarrassed and seek help. We tried to have sex but it was too painful and we had to stop. I was crying in pain. She also said always to use lube and try a numbing cream initially.

I have a high sex drive but women say sex with me is too sore for them, particularly in positions such as doggy style — which is my favourite. In the end we broke up, blaming big differences — excuse the pun. Big willies can be a real problem in the bedroom.

People assume only men with small packages feel inadequate, but so do men well above the average size. This causes them to seize up, which is the worst thing that can happen, as it then makes it even harder to have sex.

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MANY men crave a larger willy — but is bigger always better? Solving big problems. The stress can cause women to mentally dread having sex.

Hung fit men

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