Kik banned my phone

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Fortunately non of my device ever turn into soft or hard brick. List was made in order to help users get rid of them or to be friend with them. After few months of use I stop using that app and switched to other apps as I used to do regularly but still it was installed in my device around a corner with all notifications off. One day suddenly I receive notification from that app. Excited that it might be an old friend want to say hello I opened that app but it was neither of my friends on other side of conversation but it was a community happiness manager.

According to her my list of moderators on app which I posted several months ago is a propoganda against moderators so that my will be permanently banned from now on. Laughting on app management who is afraid of a mere list…I uninstalled that app once forever. After few days when I was using my other mobile device I opened that app to access my second …. Ban was done by system robot who banned the name and picture….

Excited with this activity,I decided to take the challenge. After reading this article you can use same device to use multiple s,unban device for Bingo live,live me,Snapchat etc. Now when ever someone open an from that device system ban that. Solution was simple …. IMEI is another specific 16 digit code which is actually mobiles identity. In many countries changing it kik banned my phone illegal…. To be honest finding a way to change IMEI was a difficult and time consuming thing. I am talking about changing it without rooting your device.

Many apps block your IMEI in order to block your device accessing their servers.

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After reading tones of articles on the subject in different forums,I finally find an app to change IMEI without rooting your device. So here is the key to do it. When installed open app. Now open phone 1. Than hit send at command. If message is command accepted or something like that your imei is processed.

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Now go back on menue and open phone 2. As it is a sensitive information to change. You will be doing it at your own risk. I will not discuss changing IMEI for rooted devices here as internet in filled with many apps and articles about it. But unfortunately its permanent banned after 30 seconds of use with a notifications of old bannings. And my search starts again. Another way from which apps block your device is your ip address. So I decided to change ip now.

It is said that some mobile apps block you through GPS location. This method to use your device again is used regularly for snapchat. So I decided to use that and see what happen. Google cannot trace your old identity now. Things were getting very interesting. Only way to change device id without rooting your device is as follows. Backup your whole data to SD card or computer or Google drive or where ever you want except your device because it will erase all data from your device. Do a factory restore for your mobile. I neither want to nor have to do that for a useless trick competition.

So I decided to go for the kill. Only thing from which we can change almost all type of s from your mobile is rooting your device and I decided to do it my self,at home and without using any PC. A bad root process can end your device as hard brick or soft brick. And both are dangerous for me as I know nothing about them. There are three recently developed softwares outside Google play who can root their device without using a PC.

I used king root. Super user software,root checker are available on Google play which simply ease my way to find right solution for baning problem from all the apps. Good thing of king root is I am unroot my device after changing certain IDs. Device id changer changed device id with few clicks and reboot.

So here I am ready to use apps which block your device IDs. In the same way google GFS ,IMEI,wifi Mac,Hardware seriel,device fingerprints etc all such values which can identify your device can be changed with one click after root.

So here I am using apps even after ban. I simply change my device id and make new kik banned my phone. Noone can prove that your device is rooted anytime in past. If you want to follow techniques I mention in this article ,you are doing it at your own risk,but you can always contact me for any help you want. Kik banned my phone you please contact with me about using the king root app and bypassing the device ban? Thanks so much! Like Like. I will help. Or you can my wattsapp group for detailed information.

Link is in contact author. Breaking a Grindr Ban no software needed no illegal changes to cell phone. Need an extra. You can use an existing one or make a new one on any free service. Delete the grindr app then Do a complete backup of your device. Select all programs and run backup. When finished, out of your Apple ID. And do a complete system factory reset. Settings-general-reset-erase all content and settings. Set up your phone as normal set up the wifi. When it comes time to set up Apple ID choose skip and set up later. And finish setup. At home go into the App Store find Grindr and install the fresh copy.

The store will ask you to set up the AppleID. Use the other you chose.

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Install Grindr, set up a Grindr and a Grindr user including using the phone of your phone to authenticate the. Your starts repairing your phone from the backup you made to original. Includes contacts, calendar, and pictures you will have to log back into all your s, I take snapshots of every programs settings to know the credentials. Now would also be a good time to change all your passwords of every you have.

I think im little late with my comment but i wish you could help me. I bought used iphone 8 and i think this phone is device banned by snapchat. I tried to my and it gets locked every time i try to but with differend phone i can to my. I also tried with differend s and all got locked but all s worked after that with other phones. I have send snapchat many s and tried to contact them all differend ways but they kept saying theres nothing they can do. So please if you could help my i would purchiate it. Im not sure if you reply to me but thankyou anyway. Kik banned my phone there I need your help.

I have been Permanently banned from using Grindr on iPhone 7plus please can you help. Grindr did the same thing to me blocked all s I try to use could use some Much appreciated. Regards name -uttpal ray. Dir garena, community my is ban since last 5 months so I requesting you please give my back. Hello Ive been banned from Pure!

Its a google play store app. Ive tried many diff ways to reinstall and it is very difficult. But after no warning and I was banned for life?? Under false pretenses none the less. Please advise. I need help got banned from Grindr. Thank you for your diligence solving your own problem and sharing your experience and solution. Can you pls help me I have been banned from the Blk dating app. How do I get around them blocking me. You can get a USA. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter.

You are commenting kik banned my phone your Facebook. Notify me of new comments via. Notify me of new posts via. Open Google play,search Mkt engineering mod and install it. Reboot your device. Your IMEI will be changed now. Uninstall Google services. Delete remaining files of Google services using cleaner app.

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Clear google GSF framework data. Start a new Google. But it will left nothing in your mobile to use. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Link is in contact author Like Like. I have same situation above acc bane at a application plz help Like Like.

Grindr continues to work lock out erased. No phone jailbreak needed or software to purchase. I have same situation above acc bane at a application plz unblock my device. Many thanks. Ryan Like Like. Grindr did the same thing to me blocked all s I try to use could use some Much appreciated Like Like. Regards name -uttpal ray Like Like. I appreciate it a lot.

Kik banned my phone

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