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Ans: Kik is an awesome application, and it lets you connect and chat with individuals as well as groups of people all over the world. Ans: Kik messenger is absolutely free.

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You can download it free of cost, and you will not be asked to pay money for availing any services on Kik. If however, someone is forcing you to make some payments, you should report them immediately. The statuses of Kik on the following platforms are the following:.

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Ans: Kik usually uses your existing data or Wifi in order to receive and send messages. Even the content messages from Kik web, like videos, Skechers, memes or images use the same.

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Here is some things you should keep in mind:. Ans: Surely you can have multiple s on Kik. However, you will be required to register through different address for each separate you want to create. In order to switch s, you will have to log out of your before you log into the other .

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Make sure that you have no unread messages in the before logging out, as all messages get wiped out once you log out. The list of people you have spoken to, however, remains. Ans: Updating you Kik app is a different process for different users.

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How To Use Kik – A Beginner’s Guide