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Want to know what a fake Kik camera is? Unsure what to use it for? Kik is a free anonymous messenger app that has two photo-sending functions. The other allows you to take a photo using your phone camera directly from the Kik app and This is sort of like how when you use Instagram, you can use a camera roll photo or take a new photo directly from the app.

Using a fake camera for Kik is a great way to play practical jokes on your friends. Here are some ideas. Some require photoshop skills but others just need a fake camera for Kik:.

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Unless you have your set up to screen messages from unknown s, pretty much anyone on Kik can message you. You may get a lot of creepy unwanted messages. If someone does send you an unwanted message, remember that you can always block them at any time.

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However, you can also use it as an opportunity to bamboozle a creep. Step 1: Choose a humorous persona. This could be a person, animal, celebrity, etc.

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Step 2: Completely embody this persona in responding to all messages from this person. There are lots of fake Kik camera apps out there deed to work with different phone types, so shop around on app stores and read reviews and comments to see which one might work best for you.

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Reddit is another place you can turn for app recommendations and troubleshooting. Select it, and it will send as a live photo! Note that you may have to uninstall your up-to-date Kik app and re-install an earlier version to get some of these fake camera for Kik apps to work.

Never send any personally identifying information through Kik. Stranger danger on the internet is real. Remember, Kik also has functions that allow you to block users and to screen messages from people outside your network. You can use this feature to prank your friends, send the most flattering selfies, and respond humorously to unwanted messages.

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There are lots of fake camera apps out there; you may have to search around to find one that works with your phone. Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by .

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3 Clever Ways to Use a Fake Camera for Kik