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Kik Messenger is the booming social chat app for Android, iPhone, Windows and other mobile platforms. You can also install Kik on your home computer or use it online. With kik text pictures feature-rich environment, Kik Messenger is more like a form of social media than just another stand-alone chat app.

Sharing photos is an essential part of online social interaction, and Kik Messenger users have found that one of the easiest ways to share a pic with friends is in a Kik message. Once you learn the ease of how to send pics on Kik Messenger, you will make Kik your first choice in messaging apps, too. The first step to sending photos to friends in Kik Messenger is to download the Kik Messenger app to your mobile device. More than million people have ed the Kik-o-sphere since its launch inand its prominence in the social media landscape is growing. You also can search for friends on Kik or send friends an invite to you.

Getting Kik Messenger on your smartphone or tablet is easy. The app is totally free and has versions for all mobile environments. Setting up an requires no more than a username, first and last name, birthday, and working e-mail address. When you chat with someone, they only see your username and first and last name.

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Your other information remains private. Be sure to download your Kik Messenger app through an authorized app shop. No other sites are authorized or maintained by Kik and may not have the latest version of Kik Messenger for your device.

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One of the most popular things we do on Kik Messenger is to share photos. A live Kik Pic is one you take right now to send in a kik to a friend. This pic may be a selfie. It is often kik text pictures selfie.

To snap a photo while chatting and share it directly with a friend in a Kik message :. The Kik GIF gallery has something for any mood or message you want to express in a short moving picture. Select the birthday cake to open a gallery where you can choose to have members of the Minions, Spongebob Squarepants, Star Trek or Full House extend birthday wishes for you. Sending a Kik GIF is easy. Choosing just the right one can be hard, but well worth it.

Here are the steps to get you started:. Did you know that Kik Messenger also has its own meme gallery? From Professor Kitty-Cat to the ever-popular Picard Facepalmyou can create a meme for any theme or mood and then share it with your friends.

To save a meme to your gallery, go back into the meme utility and press and hold over the center of the image. A menu will pop up asking if you want to save it. Kik Messenger does not save anything you send to others on its serversand only Android to 1, iPhone kiks from the last 48 hours are saved on your mobile device. Beyond the 48 hours, Kik retains only Android to iPhone messages in your app. If you send a live Kik pic or a Kik meme without saving it, you may not have a second chance to save it later.

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Save your Kik pics when you take them. Most of the time, by far most of the time, sending photos is a fun and happy experience.

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We snap a pic of our 2-year-old covered in ice cream, our cat getting a bath, or maybe a quick pic of our new hair style. The people with whom we share our pics will usually take a quick look at them, make a few remarks to us about them, and then let them pass into memory without saving to their own mobile devices or computers, as it should be unless they ask.

It is not often that this happens, but as Laremy Tunsil recently learned the hard waywe have to be extremely careful with what we share with others. It is unpleasant to think of such things, but your friend whom you trust with everything today might be someone you keep at a distance in a few months or years.

While Kik Messenger does all it can possibly do for our privacy by not keeping a copy of messages on its servers, there is always a chance that someone we send a photo to could save it to their device, thereby compromising your privacy and, potentially, your reputation. The best rule for photo sharing is that you never share any pic that could cast you in a bad light, prove immoral behavior, or bring any negative consequences for you or anyone else in it. On the other side of that, if a friend sends you a personal photo in Kik Messenger, do not save, share, forward, or post it without their permission.

If you receive an image file that violates any of kik text pictures above rules, you might want to be a true friend and gently suggest to the sender that this is not the sort of photo that should be shared electronically. Sharing pictures is a breeze when you know how to send pics on Kik Messenger.

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With the tools in its social networking toolbox, we can send pics in the moment and from our gallery. Try it today.

Kik text pictures

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How to Send Photos through Kik Messenger