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When more than Australian women had their naked photos leaked to a US-based website in June, it was horrific, but there was a silver lining: the fact that the media had finally decided to bring awareness to the issue. Another mass leak, of more than women's images, occurred only a week after the first incident. But that's only part of the issue. While some images may have originally been passed on by ex-boyfriends, many of the perpetrators responsible for the leak were complete strangers.

This was voyeurism at its most indecent. And on the Internet, it's pretty big business. There are hundreds of highly active underground communities around the world where men treat pics of women like baseball cards - trading, selling and collecting intimate files they've amassed over the years. And it's happening without the permission, or even any knowledge, of the many women whose bodies and faces are revealed.

The South Australian leak came from a US-hosted image site, where men post clothed photos of women with offers of cash for more scandalous pictures, and trade photos of more "sought after" girls in exchange leaked naked girls others. Some even offer up social media or even s so that tech-savvy hackers can leaked naked girls to find nude pics, while others even post photos of females requesting that they be photoshopped to appear explicit. Open-access channels like this are common, but things get darker with invite-only portals, like a Fight Club for dirtbags.

Earlier this year in the US, it was reported that Penn State University's Kappa Delta Rho fraternity allegedly had secret Facebook groups dedicated to the celebration of conquests. Students were accused of posting naked pictures of girls passed out or asleep.

And before you say, "Only in America Many of the images had been taken or filmed without the subject's knowledge - snapped or filmed stealthily by the perpetrators, or in some instances with hidden cameras or by other men secretly watching. He tried to laugh off my protests by saying it was all a bit of fun and that I shouldn't be so uptight about it.

Murky sub-groups also exist within dating forums, especially the ones targeted at men who share advice on methods of attracting women. There's a particular online community based in Melbourne, Australia, where the bulk of the content consists of FRs field reports: a depiction of various attempts to pick up women and LRs lay reports: graphic descriptions of sexual encounters. While the concept of FRs and LRs are disturbing enough, it gets worse. Once you attend one of the group's infamous introductory meetings and gain the trust of the administrators, you're given access to their inner sanctum.

In this restricted forum, members allegedly post explicit photos and videos of women they've encountered, while others congratulate them in a kind of sick communal jerk off. Disappointingly, victims feel too stigmatised to make a police complaint. People should be able to take intimate images of themselves and should be able to then share these images and trust that their partners will respect their privacy. The very fact that private images are being shared is beyond repulsive - but when you consider the unfathomable size of the Internet, the recent leaks are just the tip of the depraved iceberg.

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