Leaked snap pics

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If you have been using Snapchat for a while, this news is what you show read. Snapchat pictures, especially nude pics, have been leaked out on the internet by a hacker. The hacker claimed that he has more thannude pics of Snapchat users who sent them across to other users. This service provider is a third-party application that a user can install to use Snapchat services.

This service provider stored all images that were passing through their server. The Snapchat nude pic leak is now known as the Snappening, after Twitter leak the Fappening. The hacker has written an open letter to the world stating that he shall not reveal the nude pics that he has obtained. He also has confirmed that he has received the images from the third-party servers and that the Snapchat servers were not hacked or used in the process.

He has managed to get all the information from Snapsave. Here is his letter in leaked snap pics, which can also be seen on PasteBin. Normally I would apologize to people I have misled, but in this case, I have decided against doing so. The content that has been released over the last 48 hours is an invasion of personal privacy. I do not condone this action or any like it. I understand the want and need for this content by what seems like a large section of the Internet.

Over the last few days, content has been leaked from a site called Snapsaved. The content released from this site was provided to us by the administrator of the site. Users could freely browse all media on this website, and view as per user. When the site became unusable, the administrator compiled a full directory of the content and ed it to an un-indexed website where you could freely download these images were saved by individuals on the aforementioned website, so they could freely browse their saved SnapChat images.

SnapChat service is supposed to provide a temporary means of transferring images and videos to your friends, family and acquaintances. Multiple times over the last few years the privacy element of SnapChat has been questioned and rightly so. They have put their faith in a system that is clearly broken and I wish to raise awareness to this fact. I have witnessed over the last 48 hours the trending nature of this topic and I have seen how the media really reports on happenings to do with 4chan. They have assumed and misinformed the public on this topic. To make this very clear, SnapChat has not been hacked.

This was a service used by people to save SnapChat media. While the leaks originated on 4chan without seeing any proof, they assumed and wrongly so, that the archive that was taken from Snapsaved mainly comprised of child pornography. From what I have gathered from individuals on the Internet, there is little to no child pornography in this archive. These images were not collected by people on the Leaked snap pics Web and on perverted underground chatrooms as the media has been reporting.

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The majority of these images are of normal ever day activities; walking to school, showing off your new haircut or cooking a meal. I now wish to address the current content holders and possible collectors of this media. Consider for a moment the images ofpeople being leaked at once. Do you think that will keep our Internet free? I understand there was already a partial leak of videos and images earlier today. I want possible downloaders of this content to understand that this is personal privacy we are invading.

Please for the sake of the Internet we enjoy and love every day, do not leak this content.

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I wish to apologize to anyone that was affected by these happenings. It was not my intention to pervert your personal property. I hope if anything this will bring attention and awareness to the fact that you should, if at all possible, never send explicit images of yourself over a medium which you do not directly control.

In short, I will NOT be leaking any content today, tomorrow, or ever. I wish for these images and videos to remain private for the benefit of both the Internet and of personal privacy. I wish you all the best and please think before you post. To defend themselves, Snapsave. Below is the post from Sanpsave. The Snappening, as well as the Fappening, are presently running like wild fire on the internet and many users are keen on checking out the nude images posted there.

FileUnlckr, an example as one of the online data hosting service providers, has the images in a compressed archive and at the time of writing this article, the file was still live. Torrents are also available on both the Snappening and the Fappening nude pics and millions of downlo are leaked snap pics done.

It is shameful that the right to privacy is not being obeyed by hosting servers, leave alone the hacker. Perverts interested in the images are flocking to these sites for a glimpse, thanking the leak services with messages. Check the comments in the image below:. Click on Deccan Chronicle Technology and Science for the latest news and reviews.

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Leaked snap pics

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Hackers Access At Least , Snapchat Photos And Prepare To Leak Them, Including Underage Nude Pictures